The secret is out: BabySecrets

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Jan 022019

People often comment on the size of our family, saying that 6 children is ‘a lot’, but there are families much bigger than ours! When it comes to BabySecrets it’s definitely a case of ‘babies are so easy adore, you can always have one or two more’. A brand new generation of babies has just arrived in store and they’re cuter than ever:

With 50 new babies to collect BabySecrets (Series 3, Ages 4+) collectors are in for a real treat (or challenge?), can you get your hands on one of the ultra-rare babies or even the limited edition Sparkle? From frogs to owls, from doctors to kings and from hairdressers to roller skaters, there is nothing better than a blind bag surprise. These gorgeous collectibles are made for little hands and the perfect compact toy for holiday road trips.

Each BabySecrets Series 3 baby comes in its own green bath tub (white bath tubs are Series 1, pink bath tubs are Series 2) and you never know which baby you will find inside. To determine if you’ve found yourself a baby boy or baby girl simply submerge your baby in its water filled tub and watch the nappy change colour… Now that you know your baby’s secret you can decide on your baby’s name, time to get creative.

What do you get when you combine a girl’s favourite things: babies, mermaids and unicorns? It’s the highly sought after limited edition Merbaby called¬†Sparkle! Our lucky miss 8 started the new year with this magic catch when the girls opened their first BabySecrets Merbabies (Series 2, Ages 4+) yesterday, I am sure you can imagine the squeals of excitement (and the jealous looks of her sisters). So what is a Merbaby you ask?

Merbabies are mystical sea creatures that hide in a pretty sea shell. Inside the shell you find one of 24 different babies and a shimmery seacret pearl which opens up to unveil 3 tiny charms and a necklace for your Merbaby. Just like real mermaids these little Merbabies absolutely love splashing about, if you wind up their tail and place them in water you can actually watch them swim!

Not only does the shell make a perfect ocean home for your Merbaby (and even has three ‘pegs’ to hang up the charms), it also doubles as a Merbaby bath so your baby can paddle his/her tail in the water to reveal its baby’s secret. Will the tail turn pink or blue? Dip and discover your Merbaby’s gender so you can fill out the included birth certificate and make the adoption official.

You can find the BabySecrets range at all major toy stores and toy departments across Australia.

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