Dec 162018

Exisle Publishing

We all know kids enjoy finding a good book under the Christmas tree, but adults love a surprise book too! Most of us don’t have time for a lengthy novel, so a little book of quotes and inspirations is the perfect bite-size Christmas gift idea. If you are an animal lover or chook-keeper this cute Exisle Publishing is your ideal match:

From eggs to chicks and from hens to roosters, Cluck (RRP $29.99) celebrates all there is to love about chickens. Cluck bundles inspirational, amusing, wise and endearing chicken quotes from famous people like Oscar Wilde, C. S. Lewis and Mark Twain and other not so famous people, but each page is sure to strike a chord with real chicken-lovers.

The book’s handpicked collection of quotes and proverbs is accompanied by the most delightful photography of chickens in all shapes, sizes and colours. Whether you adore Plymouth Rocks and Orpingtons or prefer Welsummers and Silkies, with 160 pages to flick through there’s plenty of chicken goodness to make anyone go clucky.

Cluck is a beautiful hardcover book that will look right at home on a coffee table or in a waiting room, where people can enjoy a quick chuckle or two.

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