Nov 252018

From when she was very little miss 8 has always loved picture books, but it has taken her a while to warm to novels. Our bookcase is full of great novels (the twins can’t ever have enough books) but nothing really grabbed her. Until she discovered Judy Moody that is…

In this wonderful kids’ book series author Megan McDonald, together with illustrator Peter H. Reynolds, sends 8-year old Judy Moody on all kinds of exciting adventures that young readers will love. In Judy’s latest adventure she takes a closer look at her family tree and discovers something VERY interesting…

Grandma Lou comes over to help Judy with her family tree homework assignment. After hearing about her British ancestry Judy, with her big imagination, believes she is actually related to the queen and instantly adopts her new royal status. From now on everyone will know her as, and treat her like, a real queen. She is so excited to tell the class!

But just before Judy’s big reveal her biggest class enemy Jessica shares her family tree and there are an awful lot of similarities… So who is the real queen? Find out the truth in Judy Moody and the Right Royal Tea Party (RRP $11.99).

Juliet (whom we sometimes nickname Judy Moody or Judy Attitudy) really enjoys the Judy Moody books and they’re a great bitesize book for a rainy afternoon. Long enough to use your imagination and really dive into the story and at the same time short enough to hold the attention of a young reader while the illustrations keep it fun and light. We have quite a few already and will definitely keeping adding to our collection.

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  3 Responses to “Judy Moody giveaway”

  1. Living in the outback they all ate snake
    i would much prefer cake
    through the years they dug for gold
    discovered heaps….so we are told.

  2. Judy Moody is related to me
    so where’s my invite to afternoon tea
    being a royal is no big deal
    its more about how you feel

  3. MMii I Would love to read these to my little grand child Miss Amity rose Is quite a pose.

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