Nov 052018

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As the school year is slowly wrapping up I am looking back at a very full-on year. We unexpectedly changed schools in the middle of term 2 so we’re still quite new to our current school but I feel very much at peace about our decision to move. Change is not always easy but the kids have settled in beautifully and are surrounded by lovely friends which makes my motherheart very grateful.

For a lot of children (including my own) school can be tricky and sometimes they feel a little lost in the midst of at all, like Jerry in this new EK Books release:

At school, on the street, at parties, on the playground, everyone seems busy with each other but Jerry feels like he is watching from the sideline. People simply don’t seem to notice Jerry, he is invisible. I think at times we have all felt a bit like Invisible Jerry and it doesn’t feel good at all.

Until Molly comes along. Molly does notice Jerry, she laughs with him and makes him smile, she shares with him and talks to him. Molly makes Jerry feel like a real person, she sees him. Jerry is no longer invisible, but he does remember what it felt like and soon enough he spots another invisible person… Now it’s Jerry’s turn to make a difference.

I know the joy it has brought my children to be ‘seen’ by others and to be made feel welcome and included and I hope they will show the same welcoming nature to others they meet. This beautiful picture book explains this in a way that is easy to understand and funny too and my children instantly ‘got’ the message. The illustrations are lovely, definitely a worthy addition for any school library or family book shelf.

You can find ‘Invisible Jerry’ (RRP $24.99) in leading book stores across Australia.

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  1. My best friend in primary school lived a few streets away, was my cousin, then my bridesmaid at my wedding, some fifteen years later.

  2. My best friend was Ronlyn, we held hands and rode our bikes to and from school. She was the best friend a girl could have!

  3. My best friend ended up being my husband who’s best friend is his grandson whose best friend is a snail.

  4. I remember my best friend at primary school but I cannot see his face nor remember his name but he lives in my heart forever!

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