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Discussing sensitive topics with young children is not easy and it is important to tread with delicate steps. Domestic Violence is a big problem in today’s society and something that concerns entire families including young children. Author Dimity Powell and illustrator Nicky Johnston have come together to create a story that brings hope to those in need:

Flick lives in a house At the end of Holyrood Lane. Her home is often plagued by storms, rattling the windows and shaking the curtains, darkening the clouds and surrounding her with loud noise.

Flick tries to hide, but you never know when the storm will come and it is scary and frightening. Until one day she is brave and seeks helps and slowly the storms ease and the sun is able to shine once again on Holyrood Lane. Whether you know a little ‘Flick’ who finds herself in a never-ending storm (or maybe Flick is YOU), this beautiful picture book could just be the little ray of hope that is needed to help you step out and chase the sun.

‘At the end of Holyrood Lane’ cleverly uses visual metaphor to touch on a very delicate topic, making it suitable for children of all ages and also applicable to many situations. No matter what storm you find yourself in, there is always hope!

You can find ‘At the end of Holyrood Lane’ (RRP $24.99) in leading book stores across Australia.

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