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Starting at a new school is not easy, especially when you are only 5 years old and rather shy. Our miss Sybil has been working hard on making new friends and is doing well, although it does make her a little sad when her class mates struggle to remember how to pronounce her name. Sizzle, single, simple… we’ve heard them all and the latest addition is Cyril. Initially she was upset, but I quickly turned that frown upside down with this gorgeous picture book by Emily Gravett:

I read a lot of children’s books but I think Cyril and Pat (RRP $24.99) is my new favourite. This fabulous picture book, filled with the sweetest illustrations tells the story of Cyril, a cheeky little squirrel, who forms a special (and rather unusual) friendship with a rat called Pat. Against the odds, and against what others may think of this unlikely couple, the two make a great pair and love hanging out together. What a fantastic message: Don’t judge a book by its cover. Sometimes the most unlikely people turn out to be the best friends!

Written in a catchy rhyming manner and filled with detailed, colourful, eye catching illustrations this book is an absolute joy to read and our kids love listening to the melody of the story and predicting the words.

From the same skilful hand comes Old Hat (RRP $14.99), another sweet book with a empowering message hidden amongst the gorgeous illustrations. Harbet the Dog wears a cosy knitted hat, handmade for him by his nana. Harbet is totally content with his hat, until others start commenting on his ‘old hat’. The teasing leads Harbet on a journey of trying to fit in, always searching for the latest, trendiest item to wear on his head.

There are so many colourful, quirky, unique hat styles, little readers will adore Emily’s creations. However no matter how hard Harbet tries, somehow he always ends up with an ‘old hat’. Thankfully in the end Harbet stops trying to fit in and learns a valuable lesson: You are perfect just the way you are!

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  8 Responses to “Emily Gravett giveaway”

  1. My youngest daughter pronounces her sister’s name as ‘Hooley’ rather tha ‘Holly’ it’s very cute 🙂

  2. Thanks to the little mermaid, we have to tell people to pronounce my daughters name the way the crab does, to get the correct pronunciation.

  3. My name is Natalia – Nah -tha – lee -ah but everyone calls me Natalie.

    My son is Tomas: he introduces himself as Tomas with no H 😂

    My little one is Matias – Mat -tee – as he cant even say his own name. So he calls himself Matti

  4. JOE. The easiest name in the baby listings book. Everyone calls him Joseph. If I’d named him Joseph they would have called him Joe.

  5. My name is Brandt. Spelt with a ‘d’.
    But did you know,
    it’s pronounced, silently?

  6. My son cant pronounce KODEN, says Koney

  7. My son’s whole name gets changed completely. He gets called Connor instead of Cooper

  8. Her name bnb is Zahli but consistently she is called Zahlia even though clearly there is no a on the end !

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