Apr 122018

While it is many years ago I still remember the excitement of unpacking our first game console. Discovering the different characters in each game, mastering special skills, exploring secret worlds, discovering valuable treasures and fighting bad guys, it was so much fun! But what if you found yourself on the other side of the screen and became the avatar in your own game? Get ready for a brand new Jumanji adventure:

A boring shift of detention is about to become a whole lot more exciting when four students find an old video console in the basement. As they plug in to play Jumanji they find out that this is a game like no other: You don’t just play Jumanji, Jumanji plays you…

Transported to the jungle of Jumanji the students are shocked to discover that they have been turned into the avatars of the game. Jumanji is no longer just an innocent computer game, for these four players it becomes a dangerous adventure, a fight for survival and a journey that teaches them a lot about themselves and each other. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle’; will they make it out alive or will it be game over?

‘Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle’ is now available on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD at all good retail stores across Australia.

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  14 Responses to “‘Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle’ giveaway”

  1. Can I choose Jumanji? Kicking butts, looking 10 years younger…..and I’d love to have “special time” with The Rock……mmmmmmmmmm. Insert “Ride my Pony” song!!

  2. The Rock rocks my boat.

  3. Guitar Hero because I would be a rockstar and get to meet Jimi Hendrix

  4. Feeding Frenzy

  5. I’d love to see this with the kids. We are massive Rock fans.

  6. Space Invaders. Old school gaming at its best. This 49yo might stand half a chance.

  7. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle – is such a fantastic family film. It’s got everything for everyone! And so cleverly written!

  8. I’d love to be transported to the world of Spyro the Dragon. I’ve always thought it looked beautiful and serene.

  9. What a great film, with some great actors and a good storyline. I thought it wouldn’t live up to its predecessor but it did a excellent job.

  10. Would love to be transported to spiro. I have spent many hours plaging this game as a kid with my brothers and sisters. Be perfect to be apart of the game that was a huge part of my childhood

  11. The old commodore 64 game THE CASTLE OF DOCTOR CREEP. I want to try and escape all 13 medieval castles.

  12. Boulderdash – Maybe now I’m older I could work out how to get through the game without always being blocked in by boulders.

  13. Wii Fit – I court certainly use the forced exercise.

  14. Old Game from “kiddyhood”… Frogger…my first entry into the addictive world of computer games… so sophist aced nowadays.

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