Mar 242018

As a large family of eight going to the movies is not something we often do. To warrant a big expense like a trip to the cinema a movie would have to be REALLY good, so if I tell you that I took the oldest four to see our favourite little bear on the big screen you can be sure this movie is an absolute winner. We first fell in love with Paddington when reading the books, totally adored him in the first Paddington movie and we couldn’t wait to see what he got up to in Paddington 2:

After making the movie across the oceans to London and finding a new home with the Brown family, Paddington has well and truly settled into his new life. He still misses his Aunty Lucy and with her 100th birthday coming up Paddington sets off on a mission to find her the perfect gift.

He finds it in Mr. Gruber’s antique shop: A unique and very rare pop-up book that celebrates London’s most special spots. Unfortunately it is pricey so he decides to join the workforce and hopefully earn enough money to buy the book in time for the big event. Just as he is about to earn the final pounds the gift of his dreams is stolen, buy by who and why? The adventurous bear is not about to let go of the book that easily and is determined to get the books safely back in his hairy little paws.

There is no doubt about it, after watching Paddington 2 you will be licking your lips at the thought of a delicious slice of toast smothered in marmalade. Especially for hungry bears of all ages celebrity chef and dessert queen Anna Polyviou has created this scrumptious recipe for Paddington’s Pineapple Marmalade for you to try at home. Enjoy!

With the Easter long weekend just around the corner why not print off some of these beary cute Paddington colouring-in pages for your little artists? You can find Paddington Colouring-In Page 1 or Paddington Colouring-In Page 2 here, grab your markers, crayons and pencils and get creative.

Paddington 2 is now available on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD at all good retail stores across Australia.

To take a closer look at Paddington 2 or other exciting new releases and to order your favourite titles online visit

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  10 Responses to “Paddington 2 giveaway”

  1. I can’t wait to sit down and watch this with my boys these school holidays.

  2. I would love to watch this with my young grandson sons 3 & 5 during their next visit. Thanks for the chance

  3. can i win please?

  4. Would love to win one of these dvds. My daughter is obsessed!

  5. As a kid I loved the books and passed them on to my daughters. Now we love the movies and can’t wait to see Paddington 2.

  6. My grandkids love making marmalade sandwiches so they would love watching Paddington with his marmalade sandwiches

  7. My kids love the first Paddington, and I am sure they will love this one just as much.

  8. I love Paddington – brings back so many memories for me and its great to share them with my own kids.

  9. What’s not to love about this bighearted bear. My kids (ok, mum and dad too) loved Paddington 1 and we cant wait to sit together and watch Paddington 2.

  10. Many happy memories of watching Paddingtons adventures. The kids always enjoyed his antics.

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