Nov 302017

November has been a funny month when it comes to the weather. From cold, rainy and miserable to hot, humid and sweaty, we’ve seen it all! No matter which one of those two, we’ve been inside quite a bit so our games cupboard has been very popular with the kids. Action games are always a hit and this cool Talkin’ Toys game definitely ticks the box for excitement:

Designed for 2 to 4 players Shark Bite (RRP $39.95, ages 4+) brings the ocean to your family table, as little fishermen and women try to catch a delicious seafood meal. But be careful, a hungry shark is circling below and before you know it you’ll be his dinner instead of the winner.

To start the game you need open up the shark’s mouth and fill it with a range of sea creatures in different shapes and colours. Guided by a dice players first find out how many creatures they need to catch, then it’s time to get out the miniature fishing rods and get fishing… Because you never know when the shark will attack the excitement builds with every turn, and yes even an adult’s heart will skip a beat when those sharp teeth snap together…

Shark Bite is easy to set up and quick to play, once we talked through the rules the four big kids (ages 4, 7 and 9) immediately got the hang of it. With a new baby and a busy toddler around as well I love the fact that I don’t have to supervise the game constantly, our 9-year old twins did an excellent job managing the fishing expedition. Added bonus: No need for batteries!

To find out more about Talkin’ Toys and to discover a whole heap of other cool toys and games for Christmas visit

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Sales & Savings – Week 48

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Nov 292017

BellaBoo Baby Boutique
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Baby Barn Discounts
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Pure Poppet
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Cherrie Baby
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That's My ToyThat’s My Toy
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‘Feed Your Brain: The Cookbook’ giveaway

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Nov 282017

Exisle Publishing

If you are a longtime Hip Little One reader you may remember that I introduced you to the talented Delia McCabe, the talented author of ‘Feed Your Brain’. Delia has a Masters of Psychology under her belt and for the past 20 years has been researching how certain foods influence brain function. To help people create quick, easy and tasty ‘brain healthy’ meals and snacks Delia has put together a fantastic new cookbook filled with recipes the whole family will love:

Delia McCabe’s Feed Your Brain: The Cookbook (RRP $34.99) offers a refreshing combination of teaching and tasting. Before you get started in the kitchen Delia teaches you how your brain works and how certain food(group)s affect your brain, as well some handy preparation and storage tips. Once you’ve literally fed your brain with knowledge it’s time to feed your brain with more than 100 nutritious (and of course delicious) recipes.

From Quick Fresh Thai Stew to Sweet Potato and Tomato Gratin, from Spicy Mexican Bean Salad to Mushroom and Lemon Risotto and many more mouthwatering delights, this cookbook is sure to please everyone with healthy dishes that will impress your family and guests but don’t require hours in the kitchen. If you are anything like me a meal is not complete without a scrumptious dessert, so Delia has your sweet tooth covered too with tasty treats like Chocolate Mint Slice, Raw Pecan Pie, Spiced Christmas Ice-Cream and even Apricot and Almond White Chocolate Bark (a perfect homemade Christmas gift). What are you waiting for, do your brain fever and tuck in.

Whether you want to improve focus and memory, reduce stress and anxiety or think more clearly, ‘Feed Your Brain: The Cookbook’ will help you find the dish that does the trick!

Right now Exisle Publishing is giving you 20% off, free shipping AND the chance to win 1 of 3 Brain Food Hampers (valued up to $300), simply purchase a copy of Feed Your Brain and enter the code ‘FYBCB17’ at checkout. Be quick, entry is limited to the first 100 orders.

To find out more about Exisle Publishing, to take a closer look at ‘Feed Your Brain’ and to order a copy online visit

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A Little Love for my Mini-Me

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Nov 272017


As little as she is miss Hattie has proven to be a very interested big sister, who doesn’t miss a thing when it comes to her new baby brother. She is very keen to help out with changing and dressing him and watches closely when the nurses or doctors check out our little Ted. If you don’t keep an eye on her at all times she’ll even try herself to check his ears and rub some cream onto his face! To reward her caring attitude (and to give Ted a break from all that attention every now and then) we felt this clever VTech creation would make the perfect 2nd birthday gift:

Isn’t she adorable? Young boys and girls will instantly fall in love with Little Love Cuddle & Care (RRP $59.95, ages 2+), a darling girl doll who is in desperate need of some tender love and care. Time to get out your medicine bag and make her feel better…

Little Love encourages children to use their imagination, listen carefully and respond to her needs with the help of six included doctor tools. Miniature doctors can grab the stethoscope to listen to her heart, use the thermometer to check her temperature, inject the syringe, get out the medicine bottle and spoon or cover up an imaginary injury with a pretty bandaid.

Pretend play gets extra real thanks to the special sensors on her body which recognise and react to the different accessories, eg. when you touch Little Love’s heart with the stethoscope you can hear her heart beat, a quick check of the ear with the thermometer confirms if her temperature is normal, when her elbow hurts a bandaid does the trick and a spoonful of medicine takes care of a sore throat.

From sound and colour effects to short, easy-to-understand phrases (simple health lessons in disguise!), with Little Love there is loads to see, hear, learn and discover. By recording your child’s name Little Love will form a special bond with her ‘doctor’. You can even go to the VTech website to select your child’s birthday, favourite things to do and set meal- and bedtimes, then sync these to your doll to get personalised responses.

I love how VTech uses fun, engaging pretend play to teach children about different body parts and everyday health problems, and what a fantastic way to prepare kids for a doctor visit or hospital stay too! If your little one gets nervous when medical professionals perform basic body checks Little Love can be just the friendly companion your child needs to put his/her mind at ease.

VTech toys are available at major department stores, select online stores and independent toy retailers across Australia.

To find out more about VTech, to browse the range and to locate a stockist near you visit

Floor Fun with VTech

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Nov 242017


Can you believe that little Ted is two months old already? On the one hand it feels like those two months have flown by, on the other hand I have felt every exhausting minute of it with our sad little boy crying for hours on end. He spends the majority of the day in the baby carrier because keeping him upright and close to mummy seems to bring some relief, but every now and then my back gets a few minutes rest when he is happy to kick away on the floor with VTech:

Make floor time fun with the Little Friendlies Glow & Giggle Playmat (RRP $89.95, ages Birth+), a gorgeous, brightly coloured play mat designed to grow with your baby, offering different ways to play as your little one develops new skills and reaches new milestones.

Right now Ted prefers to be on his back, while kicking his legs and watching the dangling toys. He is yet to reach for them but I don’t think it will be much longer! His little feet however are already super strong so when he kicks up a storm they hit the colourful ‘piano keys’ which magically turns on flashing lights and music. Depending on which of three modes you select it plays a range of tunes, animal sounds and sing-along songs and even teaches colours and shapes. It shows that you’re never too young to learn about cause and effect!

Unfortunately tummy time is not Ted’s favourite pastime so we’re keeping it short for now, but at least the padded Glow & Giggle Playmat is easy to wipe clean from all the sticky baby drool. Once he gets older and learns to sit up the mini piano can be turned and locked horizontally, that way he can sit and play the keyboard like a proper little musician. Miss 2 has been busy practising her musical skills so that she can teach her baby brother when he’s ready.

The Little Friendlies play mat may be a bit too big to take along (it doesn’t fold up, my only negative about the design), however you can easily unhook the four toys for some quick entertainment on-the-go. Using the connector rings you can attach the brightly coloured rattle, mirror, teether and crinkly toy to your pram or baby carrier to keep your baby happy and distracted when you’re away from home. With so many different ways to play and enjoy, this play mat is a fantastic investment (and great first Christmas gift idea) for young families.

VTech toys are available at major department stores, select online stores and independent toy retailers across Australia.

To find out more about VTech, to browse the range and to locate a stockist near you visit

The key to keeping your keys safe

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Nov 232017

Call it baby brain or just being forgetful, but a little while ago I found myself crying on the doorstep after I locked myself (and the kids) out of the house. Generally I am quite good at remembering my house keys, but a combination of circumstances resulted in me closing the door behind me with my keys still sitting on my kitchen bench… que panic attack and big pregnancy tears!

We all know prevention is better than cure, so my best tip is to always store your keys in the same place. We put up one of these cute birdhouses right next to our kitchen door, that way I can hang my keys up as soon as I come home and grab them on my way out. You can purchase a single or double bird house and there are lots of different colour combinations to choose from.

If you do end up on the wrong side of a locked door a hidden key could instantly solve your problem. The days of hiding a spare key under your doormat or in the letterbox are long gone, but there are plenty of other sneaky hiding spots around the house (or you could just leave one at your trusty neighbour). I’ve seen wall thermometers with a hidden compartment, a magic pot plant with a double base or even a fake rock with a secret opening to slot your key in, how clever!

Of course a lost or forgotten key can happen to the best of us so be prepared and, depending on where in Australia you live, add Perth Locksmith (or another friendly rescuer that’s local to you) to your phone contacts. That way your helping hand is always just a phone call away, no matter what time of day emergency strikes, and they’ll have you safely back inside your home in no time.

Do you have a fabulous way to store, remember or hide your house keys? Let me know, I’d love to hear your tips.

Sales & Savings – Week 47

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Nov 222017

Peach Gallery
What? 30% off storewide + FREE shipping Australia wide
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When? November 24 – November 27, 2017

Mum & Munchkin
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Cocoa and Vanilla
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Nature Lab
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Yogee ToysYogee Toys
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