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If, like my kids, you enjoyed plenty of giggles with some of Morris Gleitzman‘s funny children’s books you may be curious to see how he tackles a much more serious topic like World War II. I was definitely keen to find out, and also like to pre-read the books our twins read if I am not sure how well they will understand tricky subjects, so I got stuck into Morris’ latest release: Maybe.

Readers first met young Jewish boy Felix at the start of the World War II, and have been following his journey in the award-winning books Once, Then, Now, After and Soon. This time we’re travelling across the globe together with Felix and his friend Anya, as they begin a brand new life in Australia in Maybe (RRP $19.99).

So how does a young boy escape post-war Poland, especially with pregnant teenager in tow? Wat about his close friend and rescuer Gabriek? The war may be over but that doesn’t mean Felix is out of danger, and there are plenty of people out there to watch out far. From dangerous mobs to revenge attacks, from soldiers with guns to hiding in the dark and from big escapes to a newspaper hero, Maybe is one big adventure from cover to cover.

To say I am impressed is an understatement, I was deeply touched by the way Morris Gleitzman captured some of the real feelings and emotions of the war period in a way that children can understand and connect with. Yes the book raised some questions with our 9-year old twins but it was a fantastic opportunity to talk about history and how much people have suffered. Both kids said they want to borrow the rest of the ‘Felix family’ from the library so I’d say that’s definitely a thumbs up for Maybe.

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  4 Responses to “‘Maybe’ giveaway”

  1. I accidentally hit Enter before I could finish my comment about my favourite war book or film.
    The movie War Horse was absolutely fantastic. I have since bought the book to read.

  2. Saving Private Ryan – a simply stunning rendition of the Anzac’s landing at Gallipoli. Highly realistic, emotionally touching and chilling to know what our forefathers went through.

  3. An oldie but nothing compares to The Great Escape. The comradeship, the hopes and dreams, success and failures of the men involved.

  4. I loved watching The Great Escape every school holidays with my grandmother. Still love watching it now 🙂

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