‘Pop the Pig’ giveaway

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Jul 282017

While being sick was not exactly part of our school holiday plans, it did force us to slow down and take things easy for a few days. Three little patients really kept me on my toes but thankfully the other kids took it in their stride and made up their own indoor entertainment. My box of school holiday boredom busters was raided and this hilarious Crown & Andrews game was a huge hit:

Knowing how much our kids enjoy Pop the Pirate I am not surprised they were immediately taken by his funny and famished sibling Pop the Pig (RRP $39.95, ages 4 – 7). Doesn’t this chef pig look awesome?

Designed for young players Pop the Pig is easy to understand and quick to play, it’s perfect for some family time before bed and you can easily fit in a few rounds to give all the kids a chance at winning. The aim of the game is to pop the pig’s tummy by filling it up with delicious hamburgers, but who will be the one to feed him the ‘winning’ burger?

Players take turns by throwing a dice to determine the colour hamburger they can serve up. Each hamburger features a number (between 1-4) which allows the player to press the pig’s head the selected number of times. As the game progresses and more hamburgers enter his mouth the pig’s belly gets bigger and bigger and the excitement is building, after all everyone wants to pop the pig!

Aside from being very funny Pop the Pig also teaches children valuable skills like taking turns, recognising colours and numbers, being patient and of course the concept of ‘chance’. As no one can predict when the pig will pop the game stays exciting until the end, which really helps keep little players involved and motivated. Once popped the pig can be deflated with a simple push on his hat, his chef’s jacket can then be refastened and he’s ready for another round of tasty treats.

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