‘Pop the Pig’ giveaway

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Jul 282017

While being sick was not exactly part of our school holiday plans, it did force us to slow down and take things easy for a few days. Three little patients really kept me on my toes but thankfully the other kids took it in their stride and made up their own indoor entertainment. My box of school holiday boredom busters was raided and this hilarious Crown & Andrews game was a huge hit:

Knowing how much our kids enjoy Pop the Pirate I am not surprised they were immediately taken by his funny and famished sibling Pop the Pig (RRP $39.95, ages 4 – 7). Doesn’t this chef pig look awesome?

Designed for young players Pop the Pig is easy to understand and quick to play, it’s perfect for some family time before bed and you can easily fit in a few rounds to give all the kids a chance at winning. The aim of the game is to pop the pig’s tummy by filling it up with delicious hamburgers, but who will be the one to feed him the ‘winning’ burger?

Players take turns by throwing a dice to determine the colour hamburger they can serve up. Each hamburger features a number (between 1-4) which allows the player to press the pig’s head the selected number of times. As the game progresses and more hamburgers enter his mouth the pig’s belly gets bigger and bigger and the excitement is building, after all everyone wants to pop the pig!

Aside from being very funny Pop the Pig also teaches children valuable skills like taking turns, recognising colours and numbers, being patient and of course the concept of ‘chance’. As no one can predict when the pig will pop the game stays exciting until the end, which really helps keep little players involved and motivated. Once popped the pig can be deflated with a simple push on his hat, his chef’s jacket can then be refastened and he’s ready for another round of tasty treats.

To find out more about Talkin’ Toys, to take a closer look at Pop the Pig and to discover a whole heap of other cool toys visit www.talkintoys.com.au.

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Sales & Savings – Week 30

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Jul 262017

eco-toysEco Toys
What? 10% off Miniland dolls
How? Enter the code ‘Minilandsale’ at checkout
When? Until July 31, 2017
Where? www.ecotoys.com.au

Chi KhiChi Khi
What? 50% off End of Season Sale
How? Prices as marked
When? Limited time only
Where? www.chikhi.co

Bug Rugs
What? Up to 75% off Winter Sale (+ Free standard shipping Australia wide)
How? Prices as marked
When? Until July 31, 2017
Where? www.bugrugs.com.au

What? 30% off all Koolaman earrings
How? Enter the code ‘JULY30’ at checkout
When? Until July 30, 2017
Where? www.koolaman.com.au

Yogee ToysYogee Toys
What? Up to 25% off LEGO Friends
How? Prices as marked
When? Until July 31, 2017
Where? www.yogee.com.au

What? Up to 70% off End of Season Sale
How? Prices as marked
When? Until July 26, 2017
Where? www.infancy.com.au

Jul 252017

If only we could all wear pyjamas all day long! Can you believe it has been twenty-five years since these two adventurous bananas in their signature striped pyjamas first made their way down the stairs and into the hearts of fans all over the globe? ABC is celebrating this big Bananas in Pyjamas milestone in style with some banana-tastic new releases:

There is no shortage of laughs, giggles and silly banana mishaps with the new ‘Bananas in Pyjamas’ 25th Anniversary Collection (4 DVD, RRP $24.99). Together with the Teddies, Rat-in-a-Hat and a bunch of other Cuddlestown friends, banana twins B1 and B2 deliver all the goods in more than 35 great episodes spread out across 4 DVDs. This excellent value bumper box is the ultimate collectors item for your little Bananas in Pyjamas fan.

Whether it’s at home or on the go, if you can’t get enough of B1 and B2 the awesome ‘Bananas in Pyjamas’ 25 Years – 50 Best Songs (2 CD, RRP $12.99) album is the perfect treat for you. Filled with all the catchy tunes and favourite songs you know from the Bananas in Pyjamas TV shows there is plenty of sing-along fun to be had. Combining familiar tracks and well-known nursery rhymes with some you are yet to hear for the first time, this 2CD collection will be enjoyed by all.

Other exciting products in the ‘Bananas in Pyjamas’ 25th Anniversary Collection include a limited edition Bananas in Pyjamas Australia Post stamp, a range of Jasnor plush toys and a gorgeous pyjama range for the whole family. Products are now available at major retailers across Australia.

To find out more about ABC for Kids get social with ABC for Kids for Parents on Facebook and to order your Bananas in Pyjamas favourites visit the ABC Shop online.

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Starting School with VTech

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Jul 232017


After a shaky start at kindy due to a 12-month speech delay we were very curious (and a bit nervous!) to hear how miss Sybbie has been getting along in this first half of the year. We were so thrilled to see her excellent results and she has worked really hard at catching up, as of this month she has mastered her final tricky letter and she has settled into the kindy routine beautifully. Now we can make a careful start at getting her ready for school and this cool VTech find is a perfect tool to get there:

From letters to numbers, from spelling to counting, from shapes to instruments, from animals to foods and much more, with 30 interactive activities the VTech My Zone Laptop (Ages 3-6, RRP $34.95) really is the Pandora’s Box of learning fun. What a fabulous way to introduce your pre-schooler to a wide range of subjects, even hesitant learners like our miss 4 will be gaining knowledge as they play!

To ensure your curious pre-schooler doesn’t run out of things to discover too quickly VTech has come up with progressive learning levels, so the difficulty will increase gradually as your child develops and grows. The My Zone Laptop teaches valuable skills like logic, number and letter recognition, problem solving and prediction and at the same time is great practice for that important fine motor dexterity and hand-eye coordination.

Since Sybil has recently mastered the letters of her own name and can confidently write it herself we are currently working hard on recognising the rest of the alphabet. She finds the little pictures on each of the letter buttons really helpful and she loves the wide choice of letter games, eg. find the Beginning Letter and the Exploring Letters. Some of her favourite number games are Shapes Counting, Bigger or Smaller and Number Quiz. Now that she has gotten to know the keyboard and direction keys she is getting faster at it by the day!

Good to know: Even though this child-friendly computer is aimed at 3-6 year olds, our 8-year old twins have been grabbing a turn on it whenever they can as well. They may be well past the early learning games but they still very much enjoy having a go at Fishing Journey, Music Quiz or Crossing Iceland. Seeing how one toy appeals to all of our kids really proves it is a fantastic toy for siblings to share and great value for money.

During the last school holidays this interactive laptop has provided us with hours of entertainment for our little busy bee and therefore some much needed sanity for this tired mummy. I love that children can enjoy the My Zone Laptop both at home and on the go, it’s the perfect compact size for a kids’ backpack, holiday suitcase or even to slide in the back pocket of your car seat (for when boredom strikes on long car trips). Just remember to bring the batteries (2x AA batteries)!

For a more personal learning experience your My Zone Laptop can be customised with your little learner’s name, age, an avatar, favourite food, melody and more, this ‘All About Me’ function is a wonderful way to make kids feel special and speak to their imagination.

VTech toys are available at major department stores, select online stores and independent toy retailers across Australia.

To find out more about VTech, to browse the range and to locate a stockist near you visit www.vtech.com.au.

Sales & Savings – Week 29

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Jul 192017

Shoes of Seddon
What? 25% off storewide
How? Enter the code ‘winter17’ at checkout
When? Until July 23, 2017
Where? www.shoesofseddon.com.au

Growing FootprintsGrowing Footprints
What? 20% off storewide (Excludes Numero 74 and pre-order items)
How? Enter the code ‘TAKE20’ at checkout
When? Until July 21, 2017
Where? www.growingfootprints.com.au

Darlings DownunderDarlings Downunder
What? Free shipping Australia wide (Minimum spend $40)
How? Discount automatically applied at checkout
When? Until July 19, 2017
Where? www.darlingsdownunder.com.au

Eco Child
What? 15% off Bobux and EMU footwear (Excludes gumboots and discounted styles)
How? Enter the code ’15WALK’ at checkout
When? Until July 24, 2017
Where? www.ecochild.com.au

What? Free shipping Australia wide
How? Enter the code ‘SHIPFREE’ at checkout
When? Until July 31, 2017
Where? www.baobab.com.au

Babes by the Beach
What? 40% off kids’ Winter clothing
How? Prices as marked
When? Limited time only
Where? www.babesbythebeach.com.au

Jul 142017

Pan Macmillan Australia

Last month I introduced you to The World of Dinosaur Roar!, a collection of sturdy board books that welcomes young readers to the big and boisterous world of dinosaurs. We’ve already met the noisy Tyrannosaurus Rex and the sneaky Deinonychus and today we’re in for another awesome dino meet-up:

From early morning to late at night, with his enormous appetite the Diplodocus spends his day eating everything in sight. No matter how much he bites and crunches, nibbles and munches, he is always looking for the next snack. Until his never-ending hunger sees him take a bite of something a bit too close to home in Dinosaur Munch! The Diplodocus (RRP $14.99).

Did you know all The World of Dinosaur Roar books are approved by the Department of Earth Sciences at the Natural History Museum in London? This mean they are not only fun to read but educational too, treating your little bookworm to a host of interesting facts about each of these amazing dinosaurs. You’ll even learn how to pronounce their scientific names properly, so you’ll be an expert in no time!

To find out more about Pan Macmillan, to take a closer look at ‘The World of Dinosaur Roar!’ and to order your favourite titles online visit www.panmacmillan.com.au.

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Sales & Savings – Week 28

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Jul 122017

What? 70% off Storewide Closing Down Sale
How? Prices as marked
When? Until stock lasts
Where? www.freckles.com.au

Molly’s Baby Room
What? 20% off Skip Hop
How? Enter the code ‘SKIPHOP20’ at checkout
When? Until July 16, 2017
Where? www.mollysbabyroom.com.au

What? Up to 40% off End of Season Sale
How? Prices as marked
When? Until July 14, 2017
Where? www.bobux.com.au

Fox & Roo
What? Closing Down Sale
How? Prices as marked
When? Until July 16, 2017
Where? www.foxandroobaby.com

Wild and MiniWild and Mini
What? 45% off storewide
How? Enter the code ‘TAKE45’ at checkout
When? Until July 13, 2017
Where? www.wildandmini.com

Cheeky Little SolesCheeky Little Soles
What? Free delivery on all Cheeky Little Soles Polar Boots
How? Enter the code ‘keepwarm’ at checkout
When? Until July 16, 2017
Where? www.cheekylittlesoles.com.au