May 012017

Pan Macmillan Australia

While I always love having the kids home on school holidays I do admit it can make things a little tricky. A simple visit to the doctor or a stint in a hospital waiting room can be pretty challenging when you have five cheeky monkeys to entertain! Thankfully I always come prepared with a nappy bag full of tricks, this time I packed some sturdy new board books that kept the little ones happy for ages:

A perfect size for small hands and mummy’s handbag this Dinosaur Roar! The Tyrannosaurus Rex (RRP $14.99) board book is the perfect read for young dino fans. Once you’ve got the tricky dinosaur names right (don’t worry, the book will help you!) you can embark on a roaring and rhyming prehistoric adventure. The dinosaurs are colourful and friendly and you’ll even learn some interesting dino facts along the way.

From the day he hatched out of his egg there is nothing Dinosaur Boo loves more than scaring his dino-buddies with an unexpected ‘Boo!’. It’s all fun and games for Dinosaur Boo! The Deinonychus (RRP $14.99), until one day he gets a taste of medicine when he bumps into the green giant from the previous story… The deafening roar from a real Tyrannosaurus is a lesson Boo will never forget!

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