Feb 032017

After six long, noisy, happy, fun-filled weeks of school holidays our house is rather quiet this week. It may sound strange but I miss having the big four kids at home and I know Harriet misses them too, she loves having so many playmates around to make her laugh. On the other hand I am looking forward to spending more one-on-one time with her and seeing her grow and develop into a cheeky little toddler. Here are some awesome ‘Play & Learn’ activities to do at home:

All of our girls are big fans of pretend play and can spend hours cuddling their dolls or cooking up a storm in the toy kitchen. Combining many different ways of play this pretty pink Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Shopping Cart (RRP $79, ages 2+) is a delightful and durable investment for young families: Take a stroll around the house and practice your new walking skills, go on a pretend grocery shopping trip or enjoy a walk with your favourite dolly/ teddy. One thing is certain, Little Tikes sure knows how to keep both baby & kids happy!

Discover logic, learn about cause and effect and explore movement with this educational  Vilac House of Balls (RRP $75, ages 18 months+) game. The classic concept of the rolling balls never ceases to amaze little minds and kids will be intrigued by it for hours, watching each coloured ball make its way down the double sided house and finish its journey by ringing the bell at the end. This timeless wooden game would make a wonderful keepsake gift that will be treasured and enjoyed by generations.

Of course there is plenty of fun to be had outside the house too, when it comes to outdoor play equipment Harriet loves the swing, a picnic on the grass and messy water play. I am totally in love with this colourful Water Garden Activity Table (RRP $95, ages 18 months+), a fantastic design for shared play by siblings or friends as children can play on either side of the table and there are lots of accessories to go around. Young gardeners can plant their own flowers using ‘real’ gardening tools and water them with the watering can, what a great way to learn while having fun.

Do you have any other great Play & Learn activities to recommend? I’d love to know what’s keeping your toddler(s) entertained at home!

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