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I am sure it is no surprise to you that in a big family like ours space is always a bit of an issue. Wherever possibly I try to reduce and I love finding multi-purpose products, anything to make everyday life a bit easier and more organised for this busy mama. Recently I emptied out our overflowing cleaning cupboard and cut back to the bare basics, what a difference that makes! If you’re looking for a great all-in-one product to keep you and your house in top shape you are sure to love this gem by Dr. Bronner’s:

From hands to hair, from dishes to dogs, from face to floor, from teeth to toilets and much more, Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castille Liquid Soap is famous around the globe for its versatile cleaning properties. Made with gentle natural, certified fair-trade ingredients just a few drops of this powerful hemp 18-in-1 soap go a long way and it barely takes up any room in your bathroom cupboard. There are 11 great fragrances to choose from, if you love a light and floral scent the Cherry Blossom Pure-Castille Liquid Soap (RRP $12.95, 237ml) is your match.

Since ditching our soap pump for a traditional bar of soap the family bathroom is not only a lot less messy, my children’s sensitive skin has dramatically improved as well. The kids wash their hands many times a day and most ‘ordinary’ soaps leave their skin red, sore and irritated, but none of that with the delicious Cherry Blossom Pure-Castille Bar Soap (RRP $7.95, 140g). If only the school would start using Dr. Bronner’s too, now that would really make me happy!

Growing up in The Netherlands I used to think that chapped lips were more a cold country problem, but since moving to Australia I discovered that the heat can wreak havoc on your lips too. During the hot summer months we’re surrounded by unpleasant, dry air all day long and it sure ain’t doing delicate lips any favours. Dr. Bronner’s Organic Lip Balms provide a protective barrier to the elements without any synthetic ingredients, yay for soft, moisturised lips without nasties. We love the minty fresh Peppermint Organic Lip Balm (RRP $5.95, 4g).

To find out more about Dr. Bronner’s, to locate a stockist near you and to order online visit www.drbronner.com.au.

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  6 Responses to “Dr. Bronner’s giveaway”

  1. The pure castle bar soap, I would give one to the kids school.

  2. Sandalwood-Jasmine for perfect combinations of fragrance.

  3. My daughter thinks that this soap was named after her cat.
    Her cats name is Castile. She pointed it out to me in the health food shop, I couldn’t help but laugh.

  4. Cherry blossom a delighful smell cleans all the germs and does it well.

  5. Cherry Blossom such a lovely scent

  6. Wow, I’ve been out of the loop, the bars look great, can’t wait to try them.

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