Seven Years in a Shoebox

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Aug 262016

Shoebox Timeline

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As I sat down with a big shoebox full of photos, hospital papers, tiny ankle bands and other little momentos it suddenly hit me, just three more sleeps until the twins turn eight. It feels like they grew from teeny wrinkly preemie babies into confident school kids in just the blink of an eye. Eight years, gone. As their birthday is coming closer so is the anniversary of Hip Little One which I started when the twins turned one.

7People ask me all the time why I started Hip Little One seven years ago, how I came up with the idea and where I get my inspiration from, day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year. Of course I’d like to say that it’s my tribe of (now five) beautiful kids that inspires me and in a way of course they do, but looking back it’s more a case of the kids driving me…

Twins are HARD work, especially when you are a first-time mother in a strange country with no family around to lend a helping hand. That first exhausting year felt like one long stretch of feeding, changing, rocking, sleeping and some days I really wondered how I would make it through the day. Around their first birthday I decided that, instead of mum-life driving me crazy, I would let it drive me and Hip Little One was born. In a way I guess you could say my blog came to my rescue.

Thanks to Hip Little One I no longer feel like ‘just’ a tired mum, I am now a writer, a designer, a dreamer, a creator, a photographer, a journalist, a cook, an explorer, an administrator, a colleague, a friend, a spokesperson, an ambassador and most importantly a better, more fun, mum. Since starting my little blog I have learnt so many new skills (you are never too old to learn), met many amazing people and achieved things I never thought possible making me feel powerful and strong.

I have never said it out loud but today I will: Deep down I am super proud of my work, of my determination, of sticking with it even on tough days, of being original and proud of what I have achieved the past seven years while raising five little munchkins at the same time. Do my kids inspire me? They absolutely do, but even more so they drive me.

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