Jul 262016

Becker Film Group

I don’t know about you but these days I find there is very little on TV worth watching. Large family life is pretty busy so if I do have a rare quiet moment for some screen time I pick carefully, preferably a good movie or an interesting documentary. With the weather cold and miserable all weekend and two sick munchkins on the couch we all snuggled up to watch this fascinating new release by Becker Film Group:

Get ready to see the best of Africa up close as you embark on an African Safari of epic proportions, expertly guided by Mara Douglas-Hamilton and ‘The Lion Whisperer’ himself: Kevin Richardson.

African Safari DVDAfrican Safari takes viewers on an amazing jeep and hot air balloon journey to spot the very best of Africa from different angles: from elephants to lions, from rhinos to giraffes, from buffalos to cheetahs and more, Africa’s wildlife never ceases to impress. Some moments the animals come closer than you’ve ever seen before, bringing a fantastic experience to your very own living room.

The nice thing about this trip across Africa is that it’s real and (sometimes literally) down to earth. Not everything goes to plan all the time, but the bumpy hot air balloon landings and unexpected lion visits to the campsite make African Safari natural, believable and enjoyable to watch. We felt it was great fun for the whole family.

African Safari

African Safari is now available for digital download and on DVD (RRP $24.99) at all good retail stores across Australia.

To find out more about Becker Film Group and to watch the African Safari trailer online visit www.beckerfilmgroup.com.

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