Jul 192016

Nina Mitchell

If you have ever suffered from depression you will know that it is pretty much impossible to explain to others what depression really feels like, let alone explain it to a child. As someone who has seen up close how depression can wreak havoc on people’s lives and families I believe it is very important we talk openly about this health condition and create awareness and understanding for people of all ages.

My Mum Has Depression

Australian primary school teacher, author and mother of three Nina Mitchell knows first hand what it is like to to suffer from depression and the challenges that come with it. Her own experiences and those of other depressions sufferers inspired Nina to write and self-publish a picture book for children to help discuss this tricky topic in a caring, child-friendly manner and be a helpful conversation guide for those who need it.

DepressionMy Mum has Depression (RRP $15) is a lovely full-colour children’s book that uses easy-to-understand words and simple illustrations to gently explain to a child what feelings and thoughts his/ her parent may have when battling depression. I love how the book not only explains the dark and heavy side of depression, it also shows children how much their parents loves them, how the child can make a difference and lights up their day.

‘She says it can feel like all the colour in the world has been sucked away and everything has become dark and black’

‘Other days she says it feels like it is raining inside her and that the rain is never going to stop’

‘Mum likes it when we are busy together. She said I bring the colour back into her life’

I think ‘My Mum has Depression’ is a real eye-opener for people of all ages, not only would the book be an excellent conversation-starter for families, it would be also be great to have available in schools and libraries so it can be easily accessed by those looking for help.

To find out more about Nina Mitchell, to take a closer look at ‘My Mum Has Depression’ and to order a copy online visit www.nutsaboutnina.com.au.

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