Jun 172016

Dora The Explorer

Sometimes parenting calls for desperate measures: today we’re on day 5 of toilet training miss Sybbie and I am using every trick in the book to make it a success. It has taken lollies, stickers, special undies, charts and even prizes for a full a chart, but I think we’ve finally turned a corner! If you know your child’s soft spot you can achieve a lot and Dora is definitely scoring brownie points. If you have a little Dora fan in the house too you are sure to enjoy this new release by Universal Sony Pictures:

It's a Puppy Party DVD

Who can resist an adorable little puppy? Our favourite explorer Dora sure can’t! Join Dora and her friendly pals for four fun and furry adventures in the brand new DVD Dora the Explorer: It’s A Puppy Party.

No challenge is too big for dog lover Dora, who is always happy to lend a helping hand or find a solution for a tricky problem. Together with her best buddy Boots she tracks down runaways, returns lost pets and even travels back in time for a very special rescue, get ready for more than 90 minutes of pawesomeness with Dora.

‘Dora the Explorer: It’s A Puppy Party’ is now available on DVD (RRP $19.95) at all good retail stores across Australia.

To find out more about Universal Sony Pictures and to take a closer look at ‘Dora the Explorer: It’s A Puppy Party’ visit www.theviewingloungestore.com.au.

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  1. Looks like a fun DVD to watch.

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