May 102016


Wild and windy weather has well and truly arrived here in South Australia, so I fear there won’t be much playing in the garden for a while. Not a worry, there is plenty of fun to be had inside and we have a lovely fireplace to keep us cosy and warm. If you’re looking for a great new indoor activity for the kids that will get little brains working you will love ZooBooKoo:

ZooBooKoo Human Body

The clever ZooBooKoo Book Cubes are made up of 16 small cubes that fold out and back in again along the durable reinforced hinges. I know my kids would love to give the book cube a try!

ZooBooKoo DinosaursPrinted with interesting facts on every side there is lots to learn so with each fold you’ll discover something new, it’s a bit like a puzzle and a book in one. From the important organs and their functions in The Human Body to a range of Australian Animals and from scary Dinosaurs to the intriguing Planets and the solar system, each ZooBooKoo book cube covers a different theme that will get kids learning while they play.

ZooBooKoo Australian AnimalsPleasantly priced at just $14.95 per book cube they make a perfect affordable boredom buster for a rainy afternoon or lazy weekend inside. Thanks to their compact shape they’re also an ideal handbag size to take on a road trip, visit to grandma or a holiday. You can find ZooBooKoo book cubes in store at Bright Tomato, an amazing Australian store full of educational games, toys and other learning fun that kids will love.

To find out more about Bright Tomato, to browse the ZooBooKoo range and to order online visit

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