May 192016


What started as one simple bookshelf when the twins were born has over the years developed into a mini-library, our kids are so crazy about reading that our collection just keeps growing! She may only be 7 months old but even Harriet is turning into a little bookworm already, sinking her teeth into every book she can get her hands on. Usually that calls for a quick book-rescue, but she can chomp and chew to her heart’s content on this gorgeous Beatrix Potter read:

Peter Rabbit Book

Made from soft, cuddly fleece fabric this sweet Peter Rabbit Cloth Book (RRP $24.99) makes the perfect first book for a precious little bundle.

Peter Rabbit Cloth BookYoung children will love touching the squishy pages, hugging friendly Peter Rabbit and looking at the lovely  pictures and bright colours in this baby-friendly cloth book. Not only are Peter’s long fluffy ears easy to hold on to for little hands, they are also gentle on sore gums and growing teeth if your young reader decides to have some rabbit for breakfast. The book comes in a cute see-through gift-box, ready to be presented to a new arrival.

To find out more about the Peter Rabbit Cloth Book by Beatrix Potter and to order a copy online visit

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  9 Responses to “Peter Rabbit Cloth Book giveaway”

  1. Gorgeous little book my baby would adore,
    cuddling Peter Rabbit, watching him explore.
    furry ears, such a delight,
    beautiful soft pages colourful and bright!

  2. Baby Kandy is arriving
    With Peter Rabbit she will not be crying
    Cute and soft
    With baby Kandy he will have his spot

  3. Brings back memories and now I would love to share it with my great rand daughter x

  4. I would love to share this with my adorable grandson Isaac, he loves sitting with me reading, and will enjoy this tremendously.

  5. Such surprise could be,
    We’re expecting #3.
    threw it all out,
    sitting here with a pout,
    I’d love to win,
    turn it into a grin.

  6. Love Beatrix Potter have books from 30 years ago now for my grand kids

  7. A soft cuddly chewable Beatrix Potter book, perfect for our new granddaughter arriving In spring.

  8. Jai is learning to explore tastes, touch and would love this book so much. It’s just gorgeous and so functional too.

  9. I would love to be able to gift this for my niece or nephew who is due in December. What a beautiful gift for a birthday… and just in time for Christmas!

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