May 122016

Lego Friends

It may be cold and windy outside but our kids are not complaining. Put on the wood heater, get out a few big boxes of LEGO and everyone is happy (except for baby Hattie who is playing safely away from all the little pieces). Especially the girls have a huge imagination and invent new stories all the time, so I think they would love to see what their Lego buddies get up to in the brand new LEGO Friends DVD:

Lego Friends DVD

In LEGO Friends ‘Camp Wild Hearts & Slam Dunk’ famous LEGO friends Olivia, Emma, Andrea, Mia and Stephanie show that life is bever boring if you spend it with friends. Learn about teamwork, persistence, friendship and trust in two exciting new adventures:

The girls are looking forward to summer full of fun at Camp Wild Hearts when they find out Heartlake City’s Mayor is planning to replace the camp with a mini golf. Of course the LEGO Friends don’t give up their favourite vacation without a fight and they set off to rescue the camp. There is even a touch of romance for Mia involved…

If the LEGO Friends want a shot at playing in the basketball championships they’re going to have to up their game. In Slam Dunk their team ‘The Streaks’ is quickly running out of time, if the girls can’t find a new coach and an extra player they are sure to bite the dust against rival team ‘The Glams’. Will they manage to end basketball season with a slam dunk?

LEGO Friends ‘Camp Wild Hearts & Slam Dunk’ is now available on DVD (RRP $19.95) at all good retail stores across Australia.

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  1. My memories are very old school and it was hardly as fancy as it is these days but nevertheless, a child’s imagination are the same… to create and build.

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