Apr 192016


Ahhh, school holidays! Two weeks without rushed breakfasts, making lunch boxes, washing school uniforms, looking for missing socks and waking up a sleeping baby to go to school… sounds like bliss to me. Of course it does mean I have to keep all five kids entertained at home and at times it can be hard to find something they all love and enjoy but our latest playroom addition by BRIO is a big hit with everyone:

Brio 1

As a typical 3-year old Sybil absolutely loves pretend play, she often turns up at the breakfast table wearing a costume of some sort ready to play. We have a big dress-up box with sparkly dresses, a red riding hood cape, doctor’s coat, fireman suit and much more for all the kids to share. When she spotted the BRIO Kitchen Combo in our playroom Sybbie immediately put on her chef’s hat and apron ready for some cooking and baking.

Brio 2

This lovely mini-sink and stove unit measures 60cm high which is a perfect size for pre-schoolers like Sybbie but it is still a good fit for the older kids too. They can easily reach the hot plates and the tap and also open the oven to check if the food is cooked yet. I love the fact that all the corners are slightly rounded (no painful accidents) and that the oven door shuts gently and does not have an actual window to keep little fingers safe during play.

Brio 3

The digital timer that really counts down is one of the most exciting features according to our kids, it’s like cooking in a proper oven just like mum. Simply turn the knob to make it count down from 15 seconds and it rings when the time is up, dinner is ready! The timer works on 3 AAA batteries. The kitchen comes as a flatpack (putting it together was a breeze) and is made from sturdy yet lightweight materials with wooden accents, making it very easy to lift and move around the room or even the house if needed.

Brio 4

Within no time Juliet joined in to eat the dishes served by her sister and once I dug up a checkered piece of fabric the playroom instantly turned into a restaurant. The twins designed menus and wrote a recipe book and (even at almost 8) were very keen to be sous-chefs and customers in our very own family restaurant. I can tell we will have lots of fun with the BRIO Kitchen Combo these school holidays, my next project will be some cute shelves to store the pots, pans and cutlery for the restaurant.

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  1. Crayola – making a mess, but with style and finesse!!

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