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Let’s be clear, I absolutely love having a big family and wouldn’t swap it for the world, but at times it can be quite challenging. With all the kids home on school holidays, yucky coughs and colds and our little Hattie’s teething trouble and dislike of sleeping I am starting to feel a bit run down. There may not be an instant solution to these common childhood problems but there is gentle, natural help available thanks to Brauer:

Brauer Baby & Child

The Brauer ‘Baby & Child’ range is developed and made right here in Australia using mostly herbal and homeopathic ingredients. These carefully selected ingredients are known to relieve the symptoms of common conditions many families experience from time to time, for example teething, runny noses, cold and flu, pain and fever, eczema, colic and more.

Brauer TeethingIf you have a young family Brauer’s Baby & Child Teething Oral Liquid (RRP $17.99, 100ml) is a must-have for your medicine cabinet. Made with soothing chamomile this natural formula helps temporarily relieve the pain, discomfort and irritability that are often part of the teething process, therefore putting smiles back on the faces of little munchkins and their parents. Using the convenient oral dropper it is easy to administer and can safely be used from birth, now that’s welcome peace of mind.

Brauer SleepCreated with pasque flower and chamomile to battle sleeplessness and insomnia Brauer Baby & Child Sleep Oral Liquid (RRP $17.99, 100ml) may bring relief for unsettled babies (6 months+) and tired parents. It may not have brought us the quiet, peaceful nights we are hoping for just yet but we did notice our usually fussy Harriet loves the natural blackcurrant flavour and it distracts and calms her down for a while.

Brauer CoughAutumn has only just begun but the older kids have already picked up the first coughs from school, I am sure there are plenty more to follow this Winter. With many cold medicines not suitable for young children the gentle and natural Baby & Child Cough Oral Liquid (RRP $17.99, 100ml) is the perfect pick for our young children and we don’t get the usual complaints about a yucky medicine taste. It is made with traditional ingredients like Sundew and homeopathic Ipecacuanha root are known to provide temporary relief from bothersome dry and chesty coughs.

To find out more about Brauer, to browse the Baby & Child range and to order online visit www.brauer.com.au.

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