Apr 302016

BowerBird Creations

As someone who loves unique gifts I really have a soft spot for handmade treasures, after all you won’t find anything more special and original than that. Knowing someone has put so much love and time in making something, the attention to detail, the charm of handwritten parcels and cute tags tied on with string, there’s just nothing like it. If handmade makes your heart tick a little faster too you will adore BowerBird Creations:

BowerBird New

Made with love in Queensland, Australia by talented mama Danielle the BowerBird Creations range is perfect for trendy mamas and their youngsters. The beautiful jewellery, gorgeous toys and pretty accessories are totally stylish and of course safe too, I’d love to add a few of these to my jewellery cabinet!

BowerBird Baby

If teething trouble is bothering your little munchkin you may find these colourful teething toys bring a welcome distraction and much needed relief for sore gums. They’re a perfect size for small hands and will easily fit in your handbag or pram pocket. With prices starting at just $12 you can easily pick a few different designs so you always have one on hand to cheer up your grizzly baby.


As a mum of five I gave up on costly, delicate jewellery a long time ago, it just doesn’t work when curious little hands are always around to grab and pull. Especially while miss Hattie is teething everything makes it into her mouth so safety is top priority. These lovely designs are made with BPA-free silicone beads and organic maple and beech timber so they are safe and non-toxic, while the quality safety clasp ensures a ‘safe break’ (no beads flying everywhere) when pulled on.

To find out more about BowerBird Creations, to browse the range and to order online visit www.bowerbirdcreations.com, shipping is free Australia wide.

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