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As a busy mum of five I rarely have a quiet moment to myself. Some days it is a struggle to find time to wash my hair or to go to the toilet by myself, let alone sit down and read a book. So, when I get asked to review a new read, I always put my hand up as it is a perfect excuse to put up my feet and relax for a few hours. Last weekend’s ‘mama time’ came from the hands of Australian author Kim Lock:

Like I Can Love

‘Like I Can Love’ is a story about love in many different ways. Between best friends, between mother and child, between a man and a woman and husband and wife and how all these blend together throughout life. It is also a story about pain and healing and the battle between right and wrong, between losing and finding yourself.

For as long as they can remember Fairlie and Jenna have been best friends. Even through they were opposites in many ways the two girls have always been inseparable, until Jenna has a fallout with her mother and is knocked off her socks by Ark. Slowly the girls start drifting apart and Jenna appears to have found a new life as a devoted wife and mother to little Henry.

Then, seemingly out of the blue, Jenna takes her own life and Fairlie is determined to find out what happened to her closest friend for her to make such a desperate decision. It isn’t until she receives a letter from Jenna in the mail, together with a key to a rented storage unit. Tucked away in an old apple box she finds the answers to the mystery of Jenna’s death but also to the mystery of her own roots and proof that life (and love) is full of surprises.

It turns out that behind closed doors Jenna’s husband Ark was far from the gentleman he portrays to be, nor was Jenna not the blissfully, happy mother she hoped to become. And then there is Jenna’s mother, who still suffers from a heartbreaking decision made many years ago, a decision that changed fate for Jenna and for Fairlie…

‘Like I Can Love’ is beautifully written, Kim Lock skilfully jumps between past and today, between the two friends and between notes, letters, recollections of the past and current events. The fact that the story is being told from many different angles keeps the mystery alive until the end so I simply had to finish to find out the truth. If you are looking for a touching story that really tugs at the heartstrings this is it.

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  1. Sounds like such an amaazing book

  2. sounds interesting

  3. Cant wait to read this one

  4. I need a book to divert my attention from the general business of the day, one that will inform me, encourage me and make me feel uplifted.

  5. Am an avid book reader and have been told Kim Lock is an excellent author

  6. Never enough books in my house

  7. Looks awesome, always been a fan of Kim Lock

  8. There’s nothing better than a good book to read to escape reality for a little bit. “Like i can love” definately sounds like my kind of book!

  9. Dying to get my hands on a great read, I have a broken leg injury so I have time to read lots and lots

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