Feb 192016


Only three weeks into the school year and our sweet 5-year old is already a keen borrower at the school library. She is not so much into the class readers but loves a beautiful picture book with repetitive text that she can easily remember and repeat out loud. This latest Pamela Allen read is just her cup of tea, I love hearing her little voice tell the story of the big fish:

The Big Fish

In The Big Fish (RRP $24.99) we follow the little old man, the little old woman, a small boy and a small girl as they spend their day at the river for some fishing and a picnic. The old man puts out his line and sings about how he wishes he would catch a big fish. Then there is a tug on his line and he calls out for help. Written in the same style as the famous turnip tale it is not long until the whole party falls in. Now who is left to come to the rescue?

To find out more about ‘The Big Fish’ by Pamela Allen and to order a copy online visit www.penguin.com.au.

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  7 Responses to “The Big Fish giveaway”

  1. This would be an incredible book to read to my daughter in bed

  2. I don’t think our 3 year old is going to take long to learn to read the first few pages.

  3. The 3 year old especially would love this book

  4. gran kids would love this read to them

  5. I am a classroom teacher and all the children love listening and reading Pamela Allen books, my whole class would definitely enjoy, ‘The big fish!’

  6. This looks great would love to add to the library of books

  7. Read Pamela Allen to my children now would love to read to Grandchildren!

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