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It’s only day 4 of term 1 and the twins are already complaining that their homework is too easy and the school readers boring. They absolutely love books and finished all the class readers last year so it’s time for some fresh new reads that are a bit more exciting.

Jinny & Cooper

I know a pet guinea pig doesn’t sound very exciting at all, but Cooper is not your ordinary guinea pig. This hairy creature may be small in size but he has big stories to tell and quite the attitude (and appetite!) too. Jinny and her brother Tyrone have come to accept that their talking pet is pretty special, check out the latest adventure of this fabulous trio:

In ‘Jinny & Cooper: Revenge of the Stone Witch’ (RRP $14.99) a new girl comes to stay at the house of Jinny’s neighbour Mrs. Goodfellow. At first it seems like Katie will make a great friend, but soon enough things are getting a little strange and there seems to be something a bit ‘off’ about their new neighbour… When Tyrone adopts a new fish called Torpedo the siblings and guinea pig Cooper start an investigation into the previous owner of the goldfish and they discover the story of the ‘Stone Witch’. This mysterious witch is out to get them, but until they find out the identity of the Stone Witch they better be on high alert!

To find out more about ‘Jinny & Cooper: Revenge of the Stone Witch’ and to order a copy online visit www.penguin.com.au.

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  7 Responses to “‘Jinny & Cooper: Revenge of the Stone Witch’ giveaway”

  1. My kids are hanging to read these books!

  2. What a fabulous concoction of intriguing characters ready to create a wonderful story in any cauldron!

  3. The penguin books comps are great, we want our kids to be a generation that knows how to read, yeah! Good luck to all

  4. My niece and nephew will read every book out there. This would be just a great present!

  5. I have two avid readers, including a not quite 4 year old who can read a few words, spell his name and knows part of the alphabet

  6. My Oliver would love to escape into this adventure!

  7. would love reading this my twin girls

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