Dec 222015

PenguinChristmas Countdown – Day 22

You know that feeling when you fall in love with a new TV show and you wish you could watch the entire season in one sitting? I feel the same when I discover a good book and have to wait until the next book in the series comes out. With four books per character fans of the Our Australian Girl series generally have to be patient when it comes to finding out how their favourite Aussie girl is doing, but this time you can read a whole adventure in one go:


This pretty hardcover book combines all four of The Letty Stories (RRP $24.99) in one big read and with almost 500 pages it’s an ideal boredom-buster for the Christmas holidays.

Unlike what you may expect Letty doesn’t start off as an Australian girl, in fact, she was never meant to come to Australia at all… Like many English people in the 1840’s Letty’s older sister Lavinia dreams of a better life in faraway Australia so she packs up her few belongings and boards a big ship that will take her there. Letty only came along to see her sister off but by accident she ends up on board too, what is she going to do now?

Three whole months on a swaying ship, it’s not an easy journey for the two sisters. Little food, dirty clothes, sea sickness and fevers… they can’t wait to arrive in Australia where Lavinia has a job lined up. Unfortunately the job offer falls through and the sisters have make their living the hard way. Letty and Lavinia end up being slit up, Lavinia working as a seamstress in the city while Letty works as a maid at a sheep farm in the country. Is this really why they came all this way and will they ever get back together? Find out what the future holds for Letty…

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  1. I would love this book as I would read it to the children

  2. I love reading to my daughter so this would be lovely in her collection.

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  4. Good Luck everyone

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