Nov 172015


Of course welcoming a new baby in the family is very special and we are all enjoying our tiny addition, in saying that it can also be a tricky time for older siblings. Having to be a little more quiet and patient than usual, playing happily on your own and lending a helping hand every now and then… I think our big four are doing an awesome job adjusting and to keep up the good spirits (and my sanity) all of them have been treated to a special gift. Miss 2 has scored this friendly fellow:

Feed Me Dino

The VTech Feed Me Dino (RRP $34.95, ages 18-48 months) is a fabulous interactive toy with plenty of interesting features to keep miss Sybbie entertained, in fact miss 5 quite enjoys a play with it too.

Feed Me Dino 1

As you may remember Sybil had us worried for a while with her lack of speech but she is now making lots of progress which is wonderful to see. At this stage it is all about ‘learning through play’ and with over 100 melodies, sounds and fun phrases Feed Me Dino has proven to be a great aid in expanding her vocabulary. We sometimes use the dino as part of our speech exercises but she also plays with it by herself or with her siblings.

Feed Me DIno 2

Sybil particularly loves practising her colours and fruits by feeding dino the eight coloured ‘coins’. At first she listened to the dino as he described his food and repeated after him, now she loudly names each colour and fruit herself before putting the coins in his mouth so she is picking things up really well. As we have learnt from the speech therapist repetition is key in the learning process and we can absolutely see this working for our little student.

Feed Me Dino 3

Feed Me Dino is quite a large toy with little wheels for pull-along fun, it has five chunky colourful buttons (great for teaching colours and shapes) that are easy to press and a spinning disc to play different songs and sentences. By pushing the light-up button on Dino’s head he will ask a question, eg. ‘I am hungry, can you feed me 6 pieces of food?’ or ‘Can you feed me the orange carrot?’, encouraging kids to follow up. Between the two modes of play (Numbers/Foods) there is plenty to learn for cheeky tots!

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