Nov 152015

Penguin Australia

As a child I used to dream of becoming a children’s book illustrator when I grew up. Obviously this childhood wish is not (or not yet?) to come true but I still love looking at the work of real illustrators, especially the early sketches that lead to the final artwork. I have been following Australian author and illustrator Alison Lester on Facebook for quite some time and her drawings are just gorgeous so I had no doubt her latest book release would be another great hit:My Dog Bigsy

In My Dog Bigsy we follow loveable dog Bigsy as he makes his way around the farm. From the chicken coop to the pig sty and from the cows’ field to the ducks’ dam, wherever Bigsy goes he manages to stir things up a little. With a busy dog like Bigsy it is never quiet on the farm. Listen to the sounds and guess where Bigsy is off to next…

Alison Lester lives on a farm herself too and she has captured farm life in a wonderful, child-friendly way. The animals are easy to recognise, the words fun to read and Bigsy, well he would have to be the cutest farm dog around. His cuddly round shape, his wagging tail and sticky wet nose, who wouldn’t want a dog like that?

To find out more about My Dog Bigsy (RRP $24.99) by Alison Lester, published by Penguin Books Australia, and to order online visit

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  7 Responses to “My Dog Bigsy giveaway”

  1. Love the simple sharp designs

  2. What a cute dog !!!

  3. A fan of Alison Lester’s books so this would be a wonderful Christmas present for the family. We don’t have a dog because we live closeby a busy highway. If it was possible I’d go to the RSPCA ‘pound” and choose a tiny fluffy dog with a bouncy personality and soulful eyes.

  4. nawww Bigsy looks just like out dog Miss Abby…

  5. we currently have a moodle he is so cute and fluffy but all dogs are beautiful in one way or another

  6. I love all dogs better than people but currently have a chihuahua,so adorable

  7. Beagles are the best… They can be very naughty and require a lot of training to become the perfect smoochie pooch.

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