Nov 062015

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I can hardly believe it but it has been almost 10 years since I boarded a plane in Amsterdam and left my family and friends behind for a new life in Australia, all in the name of love…


While I absolutely don’t regret my decision I have to admit that the distance seems to get bigger as time goes by, something I very much underestimated when I jumped on that airplane back in 2006. With every year that passes and, as strange as that may sound, with every baby we add to our family, the ‘missing’ gets stronger, my heart gets heavier and the longing for precious moments with my family grows.

Our little tribe

Unfortunately with so many kilometres between us making memories is costly and I spend many hours dreaming of memories that sadly are out of reach for an ordinary family like ours. If someone handed me a very welcome 50K today I would secure my family a bunch of memories to last a lifetime:

  • I would fly our family of 7 to my home country The Netherlands for a nice long holiday so my Dutch family can meet our brand new addition Harriet while she is still tiny and squishy
  • I would surprise my 92-year grandfather with a visit (hopefully without causing a heart attack!), introduce him to his youngest great-grandchild and listen to his old cassette tapes together like we used to
  • I would organise a professional photo shoot for our whole family so we could have one precious family photo of all of us together, to be treasured by generations to come
  • I would love for our children to be able to spend one (preferably white!) Christmas with their Dutch family so they could get a taste of the Christmases of my childhood, have a snowball fight and ride a sledge

Winning a spare $50,000 will sound like a dream to most but for one lucky homeowner this dream will come true thanks to Mortgage Choice. Anyone who settles a loan worth at least $150,000 with Mortgage Choice by 31 January 2016 will have the chance to win $50,000 cash, pretty amazing prize if you ask me! 

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Mortgage Choice

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  1. Unfortunately they would never consider me for a loan of that amount so I am unable to enter this comp. 🙁
    Thanks for getting my hopes up, good luck to everyone who enters this one!

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