Nov 052015

Inside Out

Seeing we’re a family of big Disney fans I am a bit ashamed to say that we are yet to see much talked-about family movie Inside Out. We’ve had such a busy few months preparing for the new baby to arrive that we completely missed it at the cinema, to great disappointment of our oldest three Disney lovers. Luckily our chance to catch up is just around the corner with Disney Pixar ‘Inside Out hitting Australian shelves in just six short days:

Inside Out Blu-ray

I don’t know about you but I regularly say to my little ones: ‘I wonder what is going on inside that little head of yours?’ Well, Disney’s Inside Out is giving viewers the unique opportunity to take a peek inside the head of a little girl called Riley. Inside Riley’s mind, also known as the Headquarters, you’ll meet the emotions Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness who guide Riley on this tricky journey called life.

Normally it’s happy and optimistic Joy who is in charge, but when Riley’s family moves to a new city her emotions are struggling to keep up the good spirits. After a tumble with the core memories Joy and Sadness get lost in the maze of Riley’s head, leaving Riley with nothing but Fear, Anger and Disgust… To bring back the much needed balance in Riley’s life and put a smile back on her face, emotions Joy and Sadness have to find their way back to Headquarters travelling through mysterious areas like Long Term Memory, Imagination Land, Abstract Thought and Dream Productions.

If you are looking for a way to explain to your children the importance of emotions and help them identify their feelings you will absolutely love Inside Out.

Inside Out will be available on DVD (RRP $39.95), Blu-ray (RRP $39.95) and 3D Blu-ray (RRP $59.95) at major retailers across Australia from November 11.

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  13 Responses to “Disney Pixar Inside Out giveaway”

  1. My boys love!

  2. Wow I would love to see this movie, thanks for letting us know about it and for the chance to win a copy

  3. Sorry accidentally entered before seeing only for Australian residents! Good luck to everyone!

  4. We’re also yet to see this movie but everyone is raving about it.
    Thank you so much for sharing & another awesome competition!

  5. I’d like this DVD as a refresher now I’m a grandma. I’m sure I’d enjoy it just as much as the grandchildren.

  6. Inside Out is a great DVD full of great charaters for the family to watch together.

  7. my girls LOVED inside saw it twice at the movies! would love to own it on DVD

  8. Fabulous movie !!!

  9. Would love to win a copy of indide out as my boys havent seen the movie ☺️

  10. Would like to win a copy for the grandchildren, would open up great conversation about emotions.

  11. My daughter and i loved this movie. We saw it at the movies and would love to win a copy just in time for Christmas. <3

  12. Didn’t get to watch it at the cinemas so looking forward to seeing it on DVDs

  13. Looks like just the thing for special Nanna time.

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