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Now that our little treasure has arrived safe and well and we know the gender of our newest family member I can finally do some shopping which, as you know, is one of my favourite things to do. As Harriet is our 5th baby we obviously have most baby gear already but of course she deserves something fresh and new too, luckily with the help of little add-ons and accessories you can easily give your ‘old’ stuff a trendy makeover (and I am not just talking about your baby’s wardrobe!).

Audrey and Me range

Thanks to Australian label Audrey and Me I managed to up-style our trusty Joolz Day pram in just a flash, adding a pretty, personal and practical touch. As soon as I spotted this stunning design online I knew it would be the perfect match for our Parrot Blue ride, doesn’t it look absolutely divine?

Audrey and Me pram liner

Audrey and Me Pram Liners (RRP $49.95) are lovingly handcrafted in Australia using 100% certified organic cotton, providing your little traveller with a soft and padded seat that is gentle on their skin and the environment too. I appreciate the peace of mind knowing there are no nasty chemicals near my baby and with the warm Summer season just around the corner the breathable cotton fabric will help keep miss Hattie cool and comfortable.

Audrey and Me pram liners

Of course the eye wants something too and with 32 different prints and 6 backing colours to choose from there is a design to suit everyone. Not that I had any trouble deciding, I fell in love with the Forest Floor fabric even before Harriet was born so sneakily I was very pleased we had a little girl. I teamed it up with the aqua polkadot on the reverse which looks beautiful together and I get two very different looks in one great product. To complete the look you can even add a pair of matching Strap Covers (RRP $14) to your order.

Audrey and Me strap covers

Sometimes handmade products can look a little ‘basic’ and rough around the edges, but that is definitely not the case with Audrey and Me. To say I am impressed is an understatement, the attention to detail is amazing and the finish is sublime. I love how the pram liner fits like a glove and looks so professional whilst still displaying that handmade charm; I am absolutely thrilled with my pram makeover.

Audrey and Me pram liners range

We all know children are experts at making things dirty so a pram liner is a stylish and easy way to protect your pram seat from spills and other messy accidents. When needed you can just remove the liner and wash it in the washing machine on a cold/gentle cycle, great news for busy mums like me who don’t have time for hand washing.

At Audrey and Me they understand that not all prams are the same and have different straps at different heights, so to ensure a perfect fit for your stroller all pram liners are handmade to order and come with a unique ‘Fit Guarantee’.  Simply specify your pram make and model during checkout and Audrey and Me will deliver a custom made liner to match, now that’s what I call excellent customer service!

To find out more about Audrey and Me, to locate a stockist near you and to order online visit

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  7 Responses to “Audrey and Me giveaway”

  1. I love these pram liners!
    They are so bright & have so many different designs!
    Thank you for sharing & for another incredible give away!

  2. Such an awesome idea to keep the pram clean and stain free. Thanks for reviewing these liners for us and giving us the chance to win one also.

  3. I love “unisex” durable colours. If you have one of each it doesn’t matter what the pattern is that way

  4. Love the bright colours and the fact I can wash the liner and not have to scrub the whole pram!
    Great review and thanks for the chance to win one ?

  5. There bright, funky & colorful & add an amazing touch to the pram 🙂 id love to be able to have one.

  6. So adorable and different for other pram liners ,,, would love one for my granddaughter !!!

  7. How do people survive without liners? My darling often has nuclear accidents.

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