Oct 272015

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Justine, Alex, Karen, Teo… just to name a few. Over the years ABCKids’ Play School has seen a long line of well-loved presenters and for a lot of children the familiar faces will be a big part of their Play School memories. But kids are not the only ones keeping an eye on the Play School cast, according to the media the latest crew member has caught the attention of Aussie mums too. If you (or your kids) can’t get enough of Eddie Perfect you can now watch him on demand in the latest Play School DVD release:

Play School DVD

Get ready for more than two hours of singing, dancing, making, playing, dressing up, reading, cooking and more in ‘Play School: Round and Round’. There are lots of ways to go ’round and round’: spin the Razzle Dazzle wheel and roll your head, legs and arms, see the girls play ring-around-the-rosie, watch clowns Roly and Poly perform or watch Humpty tumble down the hill.

As a family with five children 7 years and under we love Play School because it has something fun for everyone, it’s one TV show all kids give the thumbs up. Each of the five full-size Play School episodes runs for approximately 25 minutes which is just enough time to prepare dinner, hang and fold a few loads of washing or do some dishes and mop the kitchen floor, now that’s what I call family friendly!

‘Play School: Round and Round’ is available on DVD (RRP $14.95) at major retailers across Australia.

To find out more Roadshow Entertainment, to browse all Play School titles and to order your copy online visit www.roadshow.com.au.

Play School My Learning LibraryThanks to our wonderful friends at Roadshow Entertainment we have four fabulous Play School prize packs (RRP $34.90 each) to give away. Each pack will contain the ‘Play School: Round and Round’ DVD and the ‘Play School: My Learning Library’, a cute 5-book set that introduces Words, Animals, Colours, Numbers and Alphabet. For your chance to win enter our giveaway below:

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  11 Responses to “‘Play School: Round and Round’ giveaway”


  2. Play School is the perfect accompaniment for my two year old’s potty time, play time and snack time, but of course not all at the same time. Justine is my son’s favourite presenter as he loves to sing and dance.

  3. Playschool seems to have been on forever. Entertaining, Educational and good morals.

  4. I love that I get to watch Play School with my son. It was one of my favourite childhood shows and my son loves it too. So i think it’s really special being able to share that with him. I also love that when my son watches it he is constantly learning and having fun. If he isn’t imitating the dancing or actions he is talking back to them!! I hope Playschool is still around for my son to watch it with his kids 🙂

  5. Play School is such a great educational show that provided many hours of entertainment, craft ideas & learning for myself & my siblings.
    I love watching my own little ones watching & learning from it now.
    I hope it continues for many more years to come!

    Thank you for another wonderful give away!

  6. Remember playschool with my kids and now can use with grandkids all over the country

  7. I love that the formula for Playschool hasn’t changed since I was a kid. I can watch it with my little one and it transports me back to a time where all that mattered was which window we were going through today and who was presenting, Noni, John or Benita! Life really is that simple.

  8. Playschool has great ideas for keeping the grandchildren entertained and sparking their imagination

  9. Playschool is a quality learning tool ,,, would love to win for my granddaughter !!!

  10. My little ones loves playschool

  11. Love playschool and my all time favourite presenter is still Noni 🙂

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