Oct 252015

Heavenly Harriet

One month ago today we welcomed our beautiful Harriet into the world. During my last hospital check-up I was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia so to be on the safe side my obstetrician ordered induction of pregnancy that same day, quite the shock when you weren’t expecting anything to happen for another 2-3 weeks. In just a few short hours we organised a team of wonderful helpers to look after the four older kids while I was in hospital and off we went to meet our new baby…


In the end it took well into the next day for our baby to make its appearance and, as opposed to the little boy most people had predicted, on September 25 we were presented with a gorgeous little lady. Even though I have given birth to four babies before that special moment of holding your child for the first time will never become less magical. How wonderful to hold such a tiny, sticky, slippery little bundle in your arms and finally lay eyes on the small person you’ve carried inside for 9 precious months.


Less than 24 hours later we brought baby Harriet home and busy family life started straight away with a sick 2-year old and hip daddy who had to go back to work on day 3. At least it was school holidays so I was spared the school rush for two glorious weeks! Of course by now I can’t even remember life before Harriet and it feels like she has always been part of our family, everyone has settled in just beautifully.


Filled with cosy cuddles, 3-hourly feeds and broken nights that first month flies by and no matter how hard you try you will not remember all of it so I am extremely grateful for the luxury of digital photography. How lucky are we to be able to capture an endless supply of special moments with the simple click of a button? Especially my parents (Harriet’s grandparents) all the way in The Netherlands are loving the many baby snaps arriving in their inbox almost daily.


The only downside of digital photos is that they often stay locked in the computer and don’t make it into print. With Christmas slowly sneaking up on is now is the time to upload your favourite pictures to Photobox and turn them into prints, Christmas cards or even a special personalised gift for yourself or proud grandparent to enjoy. Some of my top gift ideas are the photo calendars, canvases or photo snow globes, so cute and original! Photobox always has excellent special offers and sign-up deals so keep an eye on the website for the next great deal.


Treasure and cherish your babies for they grow up too quickly, I’m off to enjoy more precious hugs with our little Hattie…

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  1. Ohh, Simone, she (Harriet ) is just beautiful!

  2. I have to stop looking at these gorgeous photo’s. Its making me very clucky 😉

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