Sep 242015

Exisle Publishing

While a lovely princess story will never truly go out of fashion, (luckily) more and more people understand that there is more to a princess than pretty dresses, delicate shoes, sparkling jewels and of course prince charming. Wave goodbye to the poor, helpless beauty and meet a bunch of smart, strong, determined princesses instead in this inspiring story collection by Steffani Raff:

The Ravenous Gown

Coated with an attractive sauce of old-school fairytale goodness The Ravenous Gown (RRP $19.99) is a sweet bundle of princess stories with a twist. These funny and refreshing tales will teach young readers that real beauty is not defined by perfect looks and there are many ways to be a princess with girl power, even a prince might learn a wise lesson along the way.

As a professional storyteller and mother of six the author has done a wonderful job getting such an important message across in an engaging, enjoyable and humour-filled manner. The stories are bitesize and easy-to-read, they would make a lovely bedtime read to inspire young girls!

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  4 Responses to “The Ravenous Gown giveaway”

  1. My favorite princess story has always been Beauty and the Beast. So much so that we are even considering choosing “Belle” as our daughter’s middle name! 🙂

  2. Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Rapunzel — there are so many to choose from.
    We performed in Sleeping Beauty when I was about 11 year old. My Mum was an extra- a maid to the Queen.


  4. Snow White and the seven Dwarves. Classic.

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