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With three older, and very crafty, siblings it is no surprise that miss Sybbie is turning into quite the artist too. As soon as she gets her little hands on a scrap of paper and something that writes she is in her element. I have to say that while I appreciate her art I do not always agree with her choice of location (walls, couches and clothing are a hot favourite!). Her latest obsession is cutting with scissors, which luckily is completely safe with these colourful clippers from Crayola:

The extensive My First Crayola range has been specifically designed for the youngest of artists. My First Crayola products are the perfect size for small hands and of course totally safe, allowing kids to explore and create without worry.

My First Crayola Safety ScissorsThe My First Crayola Safety Scissors (RRP $5.79, 36 months+) are the perfect starting point for inquisitive toddlers who are working on their fine motor skills. The brightly coloured scissors are great for cutting paper yet completely safe for little fingers and even hair (thankfully, miss Sybbie tried the home haircut but didn’t succeed!). With three different patterns per pack, straight, zigzag and wavy, there is plenty of cutting fun to be had.

My First Crayola Jumbo CrayonsWhen you have children of different ages it can be a little tricky to pick the right toys. The big kids love using markers but Sybil tends to use them as food or to get in trouble and I had more than enough of taking them away over and over again. I found the My First Crayola Jumbo Crayons (RRP $9.49, 24 months+) keep everyone happy, they’re non-toxic, easy to hold, bright in colour and chunky and strong in case of accidental drops.

My First Crayola Easy-Grip Coloured PencilsNormally I stay clear from pencils for our youngest kids because they are too slim to hold properly and rather breakable, but these clever My First Crayola Easy-Grip Coloured Pencils (RRP $6.99, 36 months+) are neither of those. The unique triangular shape encourage proper gripping (and it stops the pencils rolling off the table) and the extra thick 4mm lead makes them much stronger. You’ve got to love a company that truly understands its (young) customers!

To find out more about Crayola, to browse the entire My First Crayola range and to locate a stockist near you visit

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  14 Responses to “Crayola ‘My First Crayola’ giveaway”

  1. These items are fabulous and ideal for every family arts & crafts box!
    Thank you so much for this wonderful give away, & showing me these items!

  2. What a great giveaway! I’d love my little boy to try any of these products as Crayola have always been reliable and fun

  3. Oh love crayola! and now its more perfect for my little ones to start and be creative! love it

  4. I love Crayola! its bound to keep the kids AND the adults busy for hours!

  5. I know a 4 year old who cut up her Mum’s Certificate which was made of very sturdy thin cardboard with Crayola Scissors so they are sharper than you think.

  6. We love Crayola products. So good for little creative minds.


  8. Hola…I just love Crayola brand…there quality has always been the best for me personally and now I would love for my princess to have the triangular colored pencils. Where I live I have not even seen them, not in walmart, kmart, toyrus…NO WHERE…I would just be so happy if I would win that product 🙂

  9. Safety scissors are great for cutting playdough.

  10. I would like the 8 My First Half Size Hexagonal Jumbo Colored Pencils. They look awesome!

  11. I would love to try out the jumbo crayons!

  12. Crayola items are seen in most pencil cases in the schools I have taught in.

  13. I love craft with my young ones 🙂 the safer the better

  14. Such a trusted brand, something my children can use and know it’s going to do the job well. And mums can use too

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