Sep 222015

Random House Australia

As a mother of four young children my days are filled with questions. Big questions, small questions, easy questions and tricky questions, there are so many things kids want to know and learn about. At the moment they keep my mushy mummy brain active with interesting queries about the weather like: ‘What’s the sun made of?’, ‘Can you touch a cloud?’ and ‘Does the moon shine on the sun or does the sun shine on the moon?’. In this gorgeous new picture book from Random House Australia we follow a little boy called Ollie as he learns about the wind:

Ollie and the Wind

Ollie and the Wind (RRP $24.99) is a beautiful hard-cover picture book written by talented author, illustrator and father Ronojoy Ghosh. When island boy Ollie is taking a walk on the beach the wind takes off with his hat. Why would the wind do that? He tries to chase it with a net but he can’t get it back. When Ollie is playing outside the wind snatches his scarf, he wonders where the wind will take it and why it keeps taking his stuff. Could it be that the wind is simply very naughty? Or maybe it is just looking for someone or something to play with…

Featuring lovely, glossy pages and warm, vibrant colours the book is a real joy to read and look at.

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