Aug 142015

Splash About

Every Sunday afternoon we pack our four kids in the car and head to the pool for swimming lessons. I’ll be the first to admit that before we started swimming classes I was quite worried about the logistics, but now that we’ve got the hang of it we all look forward to our weekly splash in the pool. Over the past year we’ve seen lots of new faces (swimmers and teachers) and I can not count the number of times people have asked me about miss Sybbie’s swimsuit:

Splash About Happy Nappy Costume

After a few tries with different swim nappies (some too loose, some too tight, some too bulky, some not protective enough) we finally found the sweetest (and safest!) swimmers at a lovely Australian online store called Aussie Babies 2 Kids. They specialise in swimwear, hats, goggles and accessories for children and are proud stockist of the Splash About range.

Navy Spot Nappy CostumeSybbie has been using the Splash About Happy Nappy Costume every week for almost a year now without a single accident. The bottom half of the stylish Nappy Costume offers all the safety features of The Original Happy Nappy (no mess in the pool!) whilst the gorgeous print and frilly details gives it a real bathing suit look. Unlike many other swim nappies this design does not ‘swell up’ in the water so she can move around freely and comfortably.

Tutti Frutti Nappy CostumeWe have found the Happy Nappy Costume extremely easy to put on and take off and it seals beautifully around the legs without being too tight or cutting into the legs. Being a full bathing suit it offers that bit of extra coverage compared to a swim nappy only and it doesn’t look too babyish at all. It is also a great choice for beach or outdoor pool as the Happy Nappy Costume has an excellent SPF 50+ rating. Priced at $29.95 it is very affordable and much cheaper than using disposable swim nappies.

The Happy Nappy Costume is available in a range of prints and sizes (Small to XXL) to suit children weighing 3-16+ kgs. To help you select the perfect size for your child you can refer to the handy size chart to see the waist and leg measurements, after all a good fit is important to ensure ultimate protection for your baby and those around you.

To find out more about Aussie Babies 2 Kids, to take a closer look at the Splash About Nappy Costume and to order online visit

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