Aug 242015

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Loyal Hip Little One readers will know by now that reading is very important to our family. We always enjoy discovering new books and I love sharing our favourite reads with you (and treating you to some excellent giveaways along the way!). This week schools all across Australia are celebrating Book Week and there are lots of different ways you can join in the reading fun:

Juliet reading Peter Pan

From bookstall to book week parade and from a visit to your local library to scheduling some extra family time reading before bed, how will you ignite a passion for reading in your little ones this week? Our kids love winding down with a bedtime story after a busy day and it’s one of my favourite moments of the day. Not only does it calm them down before bed, it is also a great opportunity to spend some precious family time and create memories that last a life-time.

Kate Mulvany

Disney Junior The Channel has kicked off Book Week in true Disney style with the launch of a magical new storytelling series called ‘Disney Junior’s The Book of Once Upon A Time’. They have teamed up with talented Australian actor and playwright Kate Mulvany who will bring a brand new Disney story to life every day in a heartwarming way that I can learn an awful lot from! From Snow White to Winnie the Pooh, from Aladdin to Frozen and many more, get ready to rediscover good old-fashioned bedtime stories through different voices, engaging play and the turning of pages (and of course it wouldn’t be Disney if they didn’t include some wise lessons and educational content too).

Australian families can experience the magic of ‘Disney Junior’s The Book of Once Upon A Time’ by tuning in every weekday at 7:10pm (AEDT) on Disney Junior The Channel, or anytime on the website Handy tip: If your family subscribes to Foxtel you can find Disney Junior The Channel on channel 709, make sure you save it under your favourites!

The Book of Once Upon a Time

The great thing about being able to watch ‘Disney Junior’s The Book of Once Upon A Time’ online is that the stories are available anytime and anywhere. This means kids can even enjoy story time while on holidays, share their special time with grandma during a sleepover and toddlers like our little Sybbie can sneak in an extra story (or two!) before nap time in the afternoon. We check out the website together and she loves picking a story herself with the click of a button. We check out the website together and she loves picking a story herself with the click of a button.

In case you can’t get enough of Disney story time: ‘The Book of Once Upon A Time’ features Disney stories that are available as eBooks from the Disney Story Central app, available for download from iTunes.

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