Jul 102015

Rocket Games

If you are anything like our crazy bunch and enjoy a fun family game you are going to love today’s hip find. Quite a while ago I saw this cool Pie Face video pop up on Facebook and I have seen it being shared on social media regularly ever since. So many Aussie mums and dads with a sense of humor absolutely loved the look of this awesome game and were desperate to get their hands on it but sadly the fun was reserved for other countries only, until now…

Pie Face is on its way to Australia and is expected to arrive on our shores in October, perfect timing for your Christmas shopping. Be warned, with many families impatiently waiting to get hold of this hilarious game stock will sell out fast. If you don’t want to miss the chance to add this top-seller to your game cupboard you can pre-order it today at Toys Paradise.

Pie Face gamePie Face (RRP $34.95, ages 4+) is filled with laughter and excitement, it’s easy to play and a little messy but above all good fun for all ages. For once it is totally fine to have a good belly laugh at the expense of others, or maybe the joke will be on you! Simply load the throwing arm with yummy whipped cream (or even a wet sponge) and take turns in turning the spinner… you never know who will end up being the pie face!

To find out more about Toys Paradise, to browse the range and to pre-order Pie Face today visit www.toysparadise.com.au.

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