Jul 212015

Penguin Australia

Graeme Base has done it again! This time the talented Aussie artist is inviting young readers into Uno’s special garden to meet a range of interesting creatures and learn about numbers along the way in Uno’s Garden Counting Book:


Sleepy Snortlepigs and Timid Tumbletops, Magnificent Moopaloops and Feathered Frinklepods, I bet you haven’t seen those in your backyard before! These quirky looking garden-animals make your everyday earwigs, worms, spiders and millipedes look a tad boring.

Uno's Counting Garden Book

Explore Uno’s Garden by unfolding the flap in this lovely Aussie picture book, study Graeme Base‘s colourful illustrations and count the animals on each page, can you spot them all? It’s a gorgeous book to help kids practise the numbers 1-10 in a playful way and with so many things to look at it will keep little readers entertained for ages.

Uno's Garden Counting Book

To find out more about Uno’s Garden Counting Book (RRP $14.99) by Graeme Base, published by Penguin Books Australia, and to order online visit www.penguin.com.au.

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