Jun 072015

Russell Hobbs

While Mother’s Day was weeks ago and the celebrations may seem like a distant memory (my children’s promise not to argue has long been forgotten!) I am still enjoying some Mother’s Day treats every day. I have told you before that I am not a big fan of Mother’s Day gifts that are only useful for boring chores, like a new vacuum or iron, and prefer a little luxury myself. Lucky for me I was I was very spoiled with a practical AND luxurious gift that makes a daily task easier with very little effort:

Russell Hobbs Aston

This season Russell Hobbs has come to the table with the super stylish stainless steel Aston collection perfect for a modern family kitchen, meet the Aston Toaster and the Aston Kettle.

Russell Hobbs Aston ToasterAs soon as I laid eyes on the Aston 4-slice Motorised Toaster (RRP $149.95) I packed up our old, rattly, dented toaster and banned it to the trash pile. Finally a nice, large toaster that enables me to make toast for all 4 kids at once, it even has extra long slots to allow for odd sized bread (you know the yummy artisan loaves that never fit!).  Of course the bigger capacity does mean a larger footprint on your kitchen bench but it looks so good I don’t mind leaving it on display.

Our old toaster, which served us well for quite a few years, had become increasingly unreliable. Sometimes bread would burn, other times it would be pretty much cold. Toast would get stuck or only come up half way. The knobs were wobbly and would hang in between settings. The Aston Toaster on the other hand has a beautiful illuminated digital display with countdown timer that tells you exactly how long is left for your perfect slice of toast.


The fact that the toaster is motorised (yet not noisy) means there is no need for rattly knobs, simply select the toast button and the breads goes down automatically, once ready a beep will sound to let you know the toast is coming up again. Other handy functions include a defrost setting, a wholemeal/multigrain and setting and even a crumpet setting, whichever your choice of breakfast Aston will toast it evenly and to perfection every single time.

Russell Hobbs toaster

The Aston 4-slice Motorised Toaster comes with a generous 2-year warranty for extra peace of mind.

To find out more about Russell Hobbs, to browse the range and to locate a stockist near you visit www.russellhobbs.com.au.

  2 Responses to “Toasted to perfection”

  1. My toaster keeps sparking on me!

    • Oh no, that sounds dangerous? Surely not the Aston Toaster?? If it is I would definitely get in touch with Russell Hobbs to get it checked out.
      We have had no such issues with our toaster at all.

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