Jun 092015

Roadshow Entertainment

If you are a long time reader of Hip Little One you will know that I love a good costume drama. I’ll admit that I am still a little sad that the end of Downton Abbey is on the horizon but luckily I have found a fantastic new distraction in Poldark:

Poldark DVD

A few weeks ago my parents first mentioned this popular new tv series and said I would love it, I decided to give it a shot and have to agree full-heartedly. Ladies, get ready to be bowled over by Ross Poldark!

When dark, mysterious and handsome captain Ross Poldark (Aiden Turner) returns from the American Revolutionary War he finds life in his beautiful Cornwall is nothing like it was before. The woman he loves is now engaged to his cousin, his father has died, the economy is in trouble and the land and business he inherited are far from flourishing.

Ross Poldark

The easiest thing to do would be to move on and away, but Ross is not the man to give up easily and he is determined to come back on top. Ross pulls up his sleeves and is willing to work hard to build a new home and business, make new friends (and say goodbye to old ones) and fight for what is right and those who need his help. In the midst of all these changes one woman manages to break through his barriers and win his heart, it’s his feisty kitchen maid Demelza.

Ross + Demelza

If you love a good period drama, beautiful costumes and intricate hairdos, British history and landscapes and passionate lovers and enemies you are sure to enjoy Poldark.

To find out more Roadshow Entertainment, to read all about Poldark and to order your copy online visit www.roadshow.com.au.

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  6 Responses to “Poldark giveaway”

  1. I adore Poldark and Ross is a spunk but I really adore Australian Period drama, Ben Hall was my all time favourite an aussie larrikin of the Australian bush, his clothes were rough but what a legend with a great tight tush.

  2. Love all the costume s and colour

  3. I haven’t seen Poldark at all. I always watched Downton Abbey when it was on TV.
    A good old fashioned show – true to the British way of life in the era it was about.

  4. Love all the period dramas! Great manners, we could learn a lot,from them!

  5. I love Aiden Turner. I loved him in Being Human

  6. The Tudors loved the costumes ,hair ,jewels but hated the way the women were treated its a must see such a great drama

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