Jun 062015

Penguin Australia

Before Hip Daddy and I got married he promised me a dog. We were so sure of our future furry companion that he actually got me a cute pet tag with our chosen name: Toby. Now we all know life doesn’t always goes to plan and before we could adopt a dog a very fluffy, and rather terrified, stray cat walked into our yard and everything changed. We all love our little Ratbag but from time to time the kids still ask for a dog and this great book has got master 6 even more excited:

Do You Love Dogs?

Whether your family already has a dog, is thinking of getting a dog or even just likes dogs, Do You Love Dogs? by Clair Hume is a fabulous book for all. It’s a brilliant mix of important, helpful, interesting and fun facts about dogs of all kinds and of course there are plenty of gorgeous pooch photos included too. I love how the book is written for children, easy and fun to read, yet it is very educational at the same time.

Our son absolutely devoured Do You Love Dogs?. He read it from cover to cover sharing his favourite facts with the family as he went along and he still regularly reminds us of quirky ‘Did-You-Know’ information that he learnt from the book. He particularly loved the funny answers in the quiz and reading about ‘helpful dogs’.

To find out more about Do You Love Dogs? (RRP $16.99), published by Penguin Books Australia, and to order online visit www.penguin.com.au.

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  7 Responses to “Do You Love Dogs? giveaway”

  1. That they love you no matter what you look like and make you feel better

  2. We are thrilled to have a new family member. In the short few weeks of having our new pup, she has given so much love and fun. The kids are learning more about kindness and responsibility. This book would be a fantastic read for our family, even mum and dad could learn something!

  3. SIMPLY ,,, unconditional love

  4. They can bring families together.

  5. A dog is part of our family. She gives us her undying loyalty. She has never bitten anybody but I reckon she would if somebody attacked one of us. She gives us lots of love and companionship. She prevents the kids from going near the gates.

  6. I’ve been raised around dogs we used to foster them, my mum volunteers at the local Dog pound, our dogs are Rescues. My mums love and knowledge has taught us how to care for them, we have a lot of love for dogs.

  7. i just absolutely love dogs especially mine whose name is Molly and my mums dog Rosie

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