Feb 082015

Double Double

You know what it is like, you’re off enjoying a lovely meal at a cafe or restaurant or maybe visiting a friend when you realise you forgot your child’s sippy cup. As a mother of four I know what will happen when you give excited little munchkins an open cup or glass and generally you’ll regret it soon after. The clever mums at Double Double have come up with the ultimate child-friendly solution for drinks on the go, meet SipSnap:

SipSnap TOT

A SipSnap is a colourful, flexible silicone cover that can be ‘snapped’ onto ordinary cups and glass to create a kid-safe drinking solution. Made from durable, high quality, LFGB approved food grade silicone and free from nasties like BPA-, Phthalate-, and Latex-free it’s a super safe choice for your precious babies.

SipSnap CoverNot only are SipSnaps safe for children, they are great for the environment too as they can be used over and over again. After use simply pop them in the dishwasher or steriliser and they’re ready for the next drink. The SipSnap TOT (RRP $24.95 per 3-pack) instantly turns any cup into a sippy cup, easy a pie! SipSnaps are compact, foldable and come with a free carry case so they can just be thrown into your nappy bag.

For older children who are past the sippy cup stage Double Double has come with the stylish SipSnap KID Straw Silicon Covers (RRP $24.95 per 3-pack). They look absolutely awesome and can be used with any size straw, perfect for parties too! While not entirely spill proof these cool covers do reduce the amount of liquid that can splash over the sides when drinking from an ordinary glass or cup. Nice bonus: The cover keeps drinks in and insects out so it is a great picnic product.

SipSnap KID

You can find SipSnap in store at Australian organic baby store Nature’s Child, to browse the range and to order online visit www.natureschild.com.au.

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