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I can hardly believe it. In just two short weeks I will be a mum to two Year 1 students! It feels like yesterday that I was holding my teeny premature twins in my arms, now we are busy getting ready for school. I’ll admit that as a busy mum of four my brain is not always reliable, so I depend on lists to make sure I don’t forget anything and the kids are totally Back-to-School ready when it comes to Term 1.

Clarks School Shoes

Taking the new school shoes for a test walk around the house

Lunch boxes, drink bottles, sun hats, hair ties, socks, pants, shirts, dresses and even netball undies, there are plenty of things to be ticked off on my Back-to-School list. They are all needed and (luckily) quite easily found however the most important school purchase of all is school shoes. Children wear them 5 days a week and at least 6-7 hours a day, so in my opinion a good pair of shoes is an absolute must, after all you’ve only got one set of feet!

Clarks Sawyer Jnr

Counting down until the first day of term

As many of you know I grew up in The Netherlands and while Dutch children don’t wear school uniforms or specific school shoes like they do here in Australia, my parents would always put great care into buying us a quality pair of Clarks shoes that would fit and support our growing feet perfectly. I have lovely memories going into store with my mum and getting measured up by a sales lady. I remember feeling very special! My children’s feet deserve comfortable, supportive, high quality shoes too so I am very pleased I can count on trusted footwear brand Clarks right here in Australia as well.

Clarks Measuring GaugeBecause we already own multiple pairs of Clarks shoes we are familiar with sizing and fit so I picked the twins’ new school shoes online with 100% confidence (shipping AND returns are free!), saves me going into store with all four kids. If you are new to Clarks you can always pop into a Clarks stockist for a thorough 10-step check fitting by a specialist trained fitter to find the perfect fit for your child. You can also measure your child up in the comfort of your own home using a Clarks Measuring Gauge.

When choosing the twins’ school shoes there were a few must-have features for me (yes, another list!): leather material for durability and breathability, a thick and sturdy sole that doesn’t wear down in a few weeks, velcro closures to make getting dressed easy and quick (for the kids, and for me too), built-in arch support and of course a classy, stylish look with neat finishes.

Clarks Sian

The perfect school shoe for our girly girl

Like most Aussie kids our twins are an active little duo. They are always running, climbing, jumping, sliding, hopping and skipping so I want them to wear school proof shoes that are strong, grip well and are able to withstand a bit of rough and tumble.  As soon as I saw the scuff resistant toe and heel of the Sawyer Jnr and Sian Jnr school shoes, I knew this would be my best chance at keeping their school shoes looking decent for longer than one term and they tick yes on all the other features too.

Clarks Measuring GaugeAs the home of the original school shoe, Clarks offers an extensive range of more than 50 different school shoes in a range of styles, colours and sizes so there is a perfect pair to suit boys and girls of all ages. Have you taken your children for their first school shoe fitting yet? I can’t wait to share a picture of my big Year 1 students wearing their new shoes to school, just 13 days to go…

To find out more Clarks, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit www.clarks.com.au.

Thanks to Clarks Australia we have one pair of Clarks School Shoes in winner’s choice of style/size (value up to RRP $129.95) to give away. Just answer one simple question to enter, all entries must be received by 5.00pm AEST on 28th January 2015. This is a game of skill and chance plays no part in determining the winners. By entering this giveaway you agree to these Terms and Conditions.

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  159 Responses to “Counting down with Clarks giveaway”

  1. Clarks Shoes are comfortable and hard wearing and the quality is so good they can be passed on down to another child.

  2. My kids like to scuff and scrape
    run in the puddles
    and when playing chasey through the bushes to escape
    Clarks stands up to all this abuse
    as a parent it is the only brand I will use

  3. Have heard they are the best,
    Love to put them to the test!

  4. Clark’s are number one, they make school time comfortable and fun!

  5. Clarke’s shoes are fantastic quality and a perfect fit
    So comfy and long lasting we love them to bits

  6. My Aunt worked for Clarks when I was at school and gave us her bonus vouchers yearly. We lived in our Clarks 35yrs ago and now my kids get that same quality. Awesome!! My eldest had constant sore knees till we got him good Clarks.

  7. i believe that clarks footwear gives the best possible support that children need, especially important when these are the shoes that they will be wearing most of the time!!

  8. My grandmother dressed her children in Clarks,
    My mother dressed my siblings and I in Clarks for school
    And now as a mother, I dress my children in Clarks.
    I want my children to wear Clarks each year for school, because without fail every year, they are the most comfortable, durable and quality made footwear I purchase.
    It’s a brand I and my family have trusted for four generations.

  9. They have a great name, are extremely well made, and I would be very happy for my kids to wear these shoes!

  10. I want my kids to wear Clarks for they are quality shoes that are comfortable, fit perfectly and are durable.

  11. Proven quality and durability, essential with my son!

  12. perfect shoes for my little girl 🙂

  13. Clarks offer a massive range of styles which i am sure would have if not one many pairs that our children would love that would offer great comfort, style and durability.

  14. Growing up with a mother who insisted on buckled brown Clarks school shoes it has been instilled in me from a young age. Clarks means comfort, means well fitting shoes, means offering best shoes for growing feet. So Clarks is a given for my children. But thank goodness velcro is now available.

  15. Quality, comfort and they look good which is important for my children. They spend a lot of time in school shoes so they need to be good.

  16. My mum always brought Clark’s school shoes for us. And I have carried on the tradition but I know that they are Comfortable, Hard Wearing, Good Quality and value for money.

  17. Supportive shoes for Devon are a must as he has contractures in his feet due to Cerebral Palsy, Clark’s shoes would meet his special needs perfectly and help greatly with the financial difficulties in meeting the expenses of all of his extra needs.

  18. great value

  19. We all want the best for our children – and when it comes to footwear, the choice is simple – Clark’s shoes.

  20. These are the best School Shoes around. I even had when i was going through school now my Miss 4, almost 5 is off to prep this year. Hopefully with a brand new pair of Clark Shoes

  21. I want my children to wear Clarks as they are a brand I know and trust.

  22. Comfortable
    Long lasting
    Active feet
    Really good value
    Kick proof
    Support their feet

  23. I love that Clarks shoes are supportive and comfortable for the kids to wear every day, and they last a whole year which is impressive

  24. thanks Hip little ones and Clarks for a chance to win these amazing shoes for daughter goes through that many and this mum is nearly broke with buying them as she will not wear nothing else LOL 😉 hoping for a win please and thanks

  25. Clarke’s shoes as been around for years, I remember wearing them as a kid on my feet. They are so comfortable and so great for the support of my sons feet to get through a busy day at school. They are also very stylish.

  26. Unfortunately my little lady has Pronation, so I have to get her “good “shoes. Thank goodness Clarkes are stylish

  27. Quite simply we want Clarks as they fit well, are incredibly durable and have great designs! What more could you want?

  28. Once you buys Clarks, the shoes just last forever so you can recycle them from child to child!

  29. Caring for children’s feet.
    Left and right, a feet treat,
    All shoes fitted correctly,
    Ready to wear directly,
    Kids hard wearing, quality shoes,
    Sensational CLARKS…I choose.

  30. They are quality shoes for growing feet.

  31. My children are tough on their shoes but clarks are tougher

  32. I grew up wearing Clarks, so the road testing’s there…
    My children deserve the same quality for ultimate foot care.

  33. So my daughter can be comfortable and concentrate on school instead of worrying about her feet.

  34. Clarks are the comfiest, I wore them and they did me well.

  35. Clarks are the best, for little growing feet, for comfort and on the hip pocket too.

  36. Clarks are a comfortable, hard-wearing shoe and perfect for growing feet, the only brand of shoes I am confident in my children wearing.

  37. Great comfortable and quality shoes!

  38. My kids want comfy shoes that look good. They don’t have time to worry about sore feet and holes. No fuss, hard wearing.

  39. If the shoe isn’t comfortable my Daughter simply will not wear them ,She has never had any trouble with Clarks School shoes and they seem to last longer than most

  40. Clark’s shoes are the best!! Aside from the comfort and durability, my daughter thinks they look cool too! Bonus!

  41. Knowing first hand how painful ill fitting shoes are there is only one answer for miss 7 at school… CLARKS. Knowing she has comfort and well fitting shoes puts my mind at ease

  42. My going-into grade 3’er has worn Clarks shoes every school year so far. Definitely last the year. And let’s face it… I’d drop $100 on a pair of shoes for me if they lasted a whole year!

  43. tried and tested for many thousands of kids

  44. Clarks footwear is all about style and comfort. From superior underfoot cushioning to the ultimate in lightweight flexibility, they incorporate whatever my child needs to enjoy every step with the correct level of cushioning in all the right places!

  45. My grand daughter is starting big kids school this year and she deserves to start wearing the best shoes available

  46. Always had Clark shoes at school and even at age 59 with small feet continue to get them.

  47. My kids look after Clarks school shoes as they know they are the best ones!

  48. I was brought up in Clarks so I bought them for my boys- my youngest isn’t comfortable in anything else but Clarks Merit, so we always buy those.

  49. I believe the fantastic quality will last my children a lot longer

  50. Is there any better shoe?? that is why !

  51. After buying inferior school shoes for years I tried Clarks and the quality, superior make, comfort, fit and longevity, wear & tear were amazing – highly recommend the brand. The range is modern & suits all feet – we always great service too! The name speaks for itself!

  52. They are comfortable and durable- perfect for kids that love action!

  53. I remember the compass!

  54. The only shoes my daughter likes to wear

  55. I have bought clarks sandles for my son since he started walking. I love how perfectly they fit his feet and will always be outgrown well before they are out worn. Great quality for tough treatment.

  56. I have 2 children who need a good pair of Clarke shoes that a comfortable and durable for there everyday activities at school

  57. One of mine is a scuffed, Clarke shoes have proven to out do others we have tried.

  58. So I can be sure they will be comfortable throughout the school day & able to concentrate on their studies

  59. Because they are like a tradition in my family! Always Clarks shoes for school. If they were good enough for me when I started school 25 years ago then they’ll definately be perfect for our daughter in his first year of school!

  60. Having supportive leather footwear for my children is a must. They need safe and durable shoes that are comfortable and stylish. Clarks is always my first choice!

  61. I would love our 4.5yr old to have a good Start to pre school included his feet !

  62. Most trusted brand , great quality, long lasting , comfortable yet stylish, can rely on to last the distance.

  63. Twins need shoes, cool, hip, nice, comfy shoes…..

  64. My girl often wears her shoes out before outgrowing them. No chance of handing them down to her little sis. Must be tough. Clarks can go the distance.

  65. Love my kids. Love Clarkes. What a good fit!

  66. I only want the best for their feet to develop without problems and for them to have shoes that breath and are comfortable.

  67. Because I wore Clarks as a kid to school and i would love for my kids to wear them too!

  68. I balked at the price of Clarks shoes last year so instead my daughter went through 4 pairs of cheap leather shoes! Lesson learned.

  69. The quality is good and they are hard wearing

  70. With 8 feet to fit –
    and the back to school rush to start,
    I need school shoes which fit
    and Clarks are made to last!

  71. My kids first year at big school so he needs some great shoes.

  72. Clark shoes are comfortable, tough and long lasting, making them the perfect shoe for active children.

  73. Clarks have been around since I was a kid and they are so durable that they were passed down from my older sister to myself – kids dont understand that the value of money and so they dont think to take care of their shoes but Clarks always stands up to the toughest of tests

  74. My kids have to wear “proper” school shoes, and I can’t think of anything more “proper” than Clarks school shoes.

  75. Only in Clarks will we start the new school year on the right foot

  76. Because Clarks are the best!!

  77. Cross Hype Jnr in size junior 3.

  78. My girl needs a pair of comfy shoes so she can keep jumping and running without pain in the school.

  79. Comfort and quality, is what a great shoe should be!.. Clarks is that, and for kids thats important when it comes to footwear…

  80. Clarkes Shoes are the ONLY footwear that my daughter doesn’t destroy. They are hard wearing, comfortable and smart school shoes, what more could you ask for?

  81. Love clarks, comfortable and durable!

  82. To follow the tradition of school shoes, I wore them. They are the best around

  83. Thanks to the new entry system, my little guy will be starting school at 4 years 9 months. With low muscle tone and SPD a sturdy pair of Clark’s shoes will help him have the best start possible.

  84. Clarks & I went through school together and my feet are in perfect shape. What’s good enough for me is good enough for my kids.

  85. We’ve found that Clarks school shoes have lasted a year in the rough terrain of the playground. We’ve only needed to replace them due to growing feet , and with a choice in fitting sizes suited for very narrow & tiny feet they have been the only school shoe that has fit my daughter.

  86. C-omfortable
    L-ong lasting
    R-unning suitable
    K-ids loved
    S-chool shoes

  87. I would love for my son to try Clarks shoes, he wears his heels out quick on sneakers and other soft shoes so would love a great pair that lasts more than a few months.

  88. They are a trusted brand and the best I could choose for my child.

  89. C-comfortable, classic styles, colours are practical
    L-love to wear, laces, look stylish. last the test of time
    A- affordable, ability to be passed down to other kids,
    R-rugged and never break
    K-kids look cool, kids are
    S-stylish, school shoes,

    my mum always had us in Clarks now I do the same for my kids, we have so many of your shoes from school shoes, but also boots, shoes, sandals etc people nickname my kids clarky!

  90. They are sturdy and comfortable

  91. Don’t want to have to buy another pair of cheap, nonclarky shoes a few week after school starts!

  92. clarks are the best for my children’s feet and I believe they deserve the best – i can rest assured knowing their feet are well supported and the shoes will last

  93. I love Clarks shoes. I wore them myself as a child!

  94. Clarks are the best, most comfortable and long lasting shoes,
    I grew up wearing them to school, my son did and now my grandchildren will too.

  95. I believe you start as you mean to go on,
    And with Clarks we have never gone wrong.
    Best quality I’ve found, they suit him right down to …. his feet!

  96. As I grew up wearing Clarks and they will too.

  97. Like many others I also had Clarks shoes as a child and would love to get a pair for my daughter too!

  98. Growing feet need the best shoes you can get – anything other than Clarks is shoe-icide.

  99. Because generations of Australians of have grown up with Clark shoes, which are synonymous with comfort, style and value for money.

  100. I want my daughter to wear Clarks school shoes because she needs high quality, durable, but great looking school shoes! She absolutely LOVES shoes, but is still like most little kids and doesn’t think about looking after them either!

  101. A great quality shoe that can last the distance with kids scraping, kicking them or even getting them wet. The Durabilty of Clarks School Shoes are certainly worth every cent

  102. I heard lots of good comments about this brand of shoes. It would be great to own this comfy, quality and durable shoes for my little one.

  103. They are Te only shoes that last in our household.

  104. Clarks stand the teat of time (I’ve been given hand me down Clarks before used by a prep – the worst year of ware and tear ever – and they still almost looked brand new) they are comfortable and that is very important for kids while their young feet are growing

  105. I’m 55 and I wore Clark Shoes as they were the only Company who made really wide fitting shoes. We bought two pair every year. Mum would donate mine to Charity Shops and they loved them. I grew out of them they never got ruined.

  106. Low muscle tone and loose ligaments need good supportive, long lasting shoes.

  107. Because Clarks are the smartest shoes in town, you cant run them down!

  108. I would love my niece Emma to have new shoes to start kindergarten. Clarks is a longstanding and trusted brand in which I have confidence in.

  109. Our little girl has inherited my wide feet! Clarks are the only shoes I trust to care for our daughters feet to take her through her school years!

  110. You get what you pay for.In Clarks shoes case comfort,style and customer service.They come in all shapes styles and colours keep up the good work

  111. When you send your kids to school footwear is a must, all day in a pair of shoes, Clark’s, I have heard is the best kind and I want peace of mind that my kids aren’t going to come home with sore, blistered feet. I’m sick of the ripoff rubbish shoes in main stream shops, please could one of my kids have wonderful shoes for once. Please…

  112. We only buy Clarks school shoes because it is so much cheaper in the long run to choose good quality school shoes that last the year. Other inferior shoes wear out and need to be replaced, sometimes two or three times! As the saying goes, you truly do get what you pay for.

  113. Clarks – their shoes have spanned multi generations in our family… Some years the budget was ‘tight’ but Clarks shoes were always provided for school whether new or family ‘hand-me-downs’. Long wearing quality and protective of growing feet. That adults in this family don’t suffer from foot problems I’m sure is mostly due to having had Clarks shoes in the feet formative years.

  114. Because Clarks are omfortable, cool and durable

  115. I would like my children to wear Clark’s school shoes because they are such good quality and so much Better for their growing feet than some other brands.

  116. To be able to have reliable, long lasting shoes that will keep them comfortable through the long days at school! Happy feet means happy children!

  117. My daughter broke her leg late last year so want her to have really good foot support going back to school.

  118. It is a bit about family tradition in my house. My mum taught us as young girls that Clarks shoes were the best for school, and now I wish to pass that wisdom onto my children.

  119. They are very comfy and last the test of time

  120. With my three boys at school this year, these Clarks shoes would be a welcomed relief for my boy’s feet, and Mum’s hip pocket!

  121. We all wore Clarks shoes, and now our kids will wear them. It’s what you do.

  122. I want my son to wear Clarks because I know it’s a brand I can trust! The staff I have come across over the years in Clark Stores have always provided a one-on-one service and found the perfect shoe for me and my family. Clarks shoes are built to last, so I won’t need to by a new pair until they grow out of them!

  123. Because my daughter is a ‘scuffer’ and Clarks shoes don’t scuff as much as other brands!

  124. I bought my three children Clarks shoes because I had them as a child I know what great quality they are and now watch my daughter buy my grandson Clarks that’s three generations of Clarks wearers proof that mum knows best Clarks passes the school ground test

  125. Clarks shoes are the Louis Vuitton of the school shoe! Even Prince George will have a pair in his royal wardrobe!

  126. I love the reassurance of Clarks quality and knowing I’m doing my best by my little girls growing feet… and they look good too!

  127. high quality at an affordable price what more could you ask for

  128. Our feet have to hold us up for our whole lives, that’s why it’s extremely important to wear good fitting and good quality shoes.

  129. they have and always be the best school shoes around

  130. its important for kids to have the right shoes to help their feet grow and avoid posture issues

  131. At the beginning of a school year my mother always too me to get my clarkes school shoes. Now 30 years on I take my kids because they are still the most comfortable and long lasting school shoes on the market.

  132. I wore Clarks footwear as a kid
    lasted through every trip and skid
    Clarks is my go-to now I’m a Mum
    Quality and as reliable as they come!

  133. To support heir growing feet and enable a safe platform for bone and muscle development while wearing quality shoes that will last

  134. Durable, great for wide-feet, quality and comfort. What else could a mum of two rough school boys want in a shoe?

  135. Growing feet need quality shoes that are built to last.

  136. Because Clarks ROCK!

  137. Good shoes with good support is very important to ensure their feet/ legs/ body don’t have problems when they are older. Clarks is simply the best for this.

  138. Clarkes support and protect my children’s growing feet appropriately.

  139. Clarks’ have covered three generations of feet for our family members and as they are the best fitting family shoes, they will now continue to cover our fourth generation.
    Clarks’ have stood the test of time.

  140. Clarks shoes have always had the reputation of being the best for growing feet!

  141. I never wore anything but Clarks at school as they were so fabulously comfortable and I’ve been out of school for thirty years! It was the brand I chose for my son to wear too!

  142. Comfort, quality, style & there built to last!

  143. I wore Clarks in my youth so following the family tradition would be perfect.

  144. growing feet need the proper support to avoid back and other problems later. Clarks are renowned for getting this right

  145. Long lasting, durable and well fitting, I wore Clarks when I was a child nearly 40 years ago, my children also wear Clarks, being blessed with feet as wide as pasties Clarks have been the only shoes to provide a supportive shoe that looks good and have moved with the times and designs, they are a brand that has endured the test of time and that says so much. I love Clarks

  146. These are the only shoes my twins wear to school. Love them. And I need to buy new ones ASAP. This would be fabulous

  147. Supportive shoes for Devon are a must as he has contractures in his feet due to Cerebral Palsy, Clark’s shoes would meet his special needs perfectly and help greatly with the financial difficulties in meeting the expenses of all of his extra needs.

    (repeated as I used old email address when posting my original comment)

  148. because they are durable and can hack play!

  149. I love this prize, thank you.

  150. I want Clark shoes because they last, are hardwearing and good quality whilst having an appealing appearance.

  151. Stylish, long wearing, comfortable and have passed the test of time. Mums and Dads wore them when they were at school.

  152. A reliable brand I wore growing up, always comfortable and could handle what I put them through. Now with 3 sons, I only want to best for their growing feet, with all of the support and durability never letting us down.

  153. Its my daughters birthday tomorrow and it would be great for her to win a new pair of Clarks shoes so she doesn’t have to wear her old pair from last year. I wore them as a kid and I believe they are still the best and I’d like to test that out.

  154. Quality shoes – the importance for little feet cannot be underestimated.
    By all means buy the bargain polo, or cheap drink bottle, but don’t skimp on their footwear.

  155. Our children’s bones are important and it’s good quality brand shoes like Clarkes that supports our children’s growing bones and structure for their future endevours.

  156. I like the quality and reliability of Clarks. It’s so important to look after their delicate and growing feet – they need to be in top shape for their whole life!

  157. clarks is the trusted brand of kid’s school footwear and the brand that i grew up in

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