Jan 062015

Penguin Australia

I know the general rule is to read the book first, then watch the movie but in the case of Paper Planes it all started with the movie. Adapted from the award-winning family film which will be showing in cinemas from January 15 Steve Worland’s new book Paper Planes (RRP $16.99) is bound to be a popular read with Aussie kids:


Tucked away in the Western Australian outback lives Dylan with his dad, after his mum passed away their home has been without joy and his life is plain and boring. He’s just an ordinary boy without a fancy phone and good friends. Then one simple paper plane turns his life around… It turns out plain and quiet country boy Dylan has a talent for folding paper planes and he folds his way to the Australian Junior Paper Plane Championships and even the World Championships in Japan.

Dylan’s plane folding is getting better and better but he struggles to enjoy it because his father is too depressed to join in the excitement. Will his plane be able to break the barrier that has been stealing their joy? New mates, unfriendly competitors, his adventurous grandpa and the hunt for the winning paper plane design that will fly the distance, Paper Planes is a true Aussie story about friendship, challenges, family, big dreams and grabbing opportunities that will appeal to many of us.

Paper Planes is the perfect school holiday read and if your family enjoyed this heartwarming story (we really did!) I am sure they will like it on the big screen too. The Paper Planes Movie features some of Australia’s best actors including Sam Worthington, Deborah Mailman, David Wenham and Ed Oxenbould and is a lovely Aussie summer film, why not treat the kids to a fun cinema visit before they go back to school?

To find out more about Paper Planes by Steve Worland, published by Penguin Books Australia, and to order online visit www.penguin.com.au.

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