Dec 272014

Maya the Bee

With four young children there is always lots of pretend play happening in our home and I love listening to them acting out their own imaginary stories. Often their little performances are rather interesting and very funny, just this week I heard miss 4 declare: I am a naughty hornet and I am going to catch you! I can see someone has been inspired by the lovely Maya the Bee

Maya the Bee Movie

A few months ago hubby took the 3 older kids to see the Maya the Bee Movie on the big screen whilst I took our wriggly 1-year old for some shopping. Featuring the voice of Justine Clarke, the Play School favourite every child in Australia knows and loves, as Maya I had no doubt they would give this Maya’s latest adventure the thumbs up and they all loved it.

Maya the Bee PlushIf you missed seeing Maya at the movies you’ll be pleased to know that she is ready to buzz into living rooms around the country too, the Maya the Bee Movie (RRP $19.99) is now available on DVD at retailers across Australia. Join your friends from the hive and help solve the mystery of the missing Royal Jelly… Does Maya have something to do with this? Everyone seems to think so but luckily Maya, with the help of her loyal friend Willy, miss Cassandra and a friendly hornet, is able to prove her innocence and expose the real thief.

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  1. My son loves Maya from Maya the bee.

  2. This is a great movie for kids!

  3. great movie kids will love it

  4. would love a copy thanks

  5. Sounds cute!! Sick of kids re play of DVDs so something fresh would bee fantastic 🙂

  6. The grand kids will love it


  8. thanks for the great comp! my daughters love Maya the Bee

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